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Links to blogs by date messed up.

Travel Forums System Talk Links to blogs by date messed up.

1. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 8y

There are now three problems that I have noticed with the dates archive on my blog.

1. Broken Links: Clicking on some of the links listed in the archive lead are dead links, for example, the link to my May 2005 archive.

2. Missing Links: There is no link for entries posted in February of 2005 in the right hand panel of the archive, but if you entry the link manually, you will find 10 entries. Note that when looking at the archive, the "IN THIS ARCHIVE" in the right panel shows no entries.

(Note: check out point 3 below. I know that 7 of those entries were posted at a later date and back dated, but entries # 4, 3 and 2 were definitely posted in February of 2005.)

3. Backdated Entries Now Appearing At Posting Date, Sort of: April 2006 now lists 65 entries in the archive. In April of 2006, I posted a bunch of entries as I moved all my old blog entries over from my past blog to Travellerspoint. I back-dated the entries (for example, you can see that the posted date for this entry on Amsterdam appears as February 9th, 2005.

At a later time, the THIS ENTRY DESCRIBES TRAVEL BETWEEN date fields were added, and a I went back and entered all those values in to the previous entries.

If you click on the April 2006 archive link it only shows 2 entries, but shows a whole mess of entries in main area, but shows a whole lot of entries in the IN THIS ARCHIVE menu in the right panel. These entries actually don't appear in this archive though, but do appear in the archive of the back-dated posting date archive.

For example, South America: Arica 2003 blog appears listed in the "IN THIS ARCHIVE" link in the right panel of the April 2006 archive entry, but not in the main text area. But if you do enter the address, which is the February 2003 archive, it does appear in the main text area.


To simplify, it looks like the archives in the right panel are organizing themselves by actual post date and the archive in the entry area is appearing by the date entered by the user in the POSTED date.


2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 8y

Okay, these dates are clearly driving me nuts! Will revert back asap with a fix Greg, provided I can wrap my head around this on a Friday ;)

3. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 8y

Okay Greg, I think I've got a handle on this now. You've just had archives created all the way back to 1997; how does that sound?! :)

I'm kind of running short on time at the end here, but in my limited testing this looks to fix all those issues you mentioned. I'm going to test further, but in the mean time, please let me know if you run into weirdness!

4. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 8y

Just quick testing it looks good. I will let you know if I run into any other problems.

Thanks for looking at this.


5. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 8y

Quoting GregW

Thanks for looking at this

Erm, no problem. This was a pretty big oversight on our behalf to be quite honest! Do you know if this has always been the case? It seemed to me like some of what had been pushed to the live site shouldn't really have been there. Regardless, it's good to have had a fresh look at this!

6. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 8y

Quoting Sam I Am

Do you know if this has always been the case?

It had not always been the case. I am not sure when it first appeared, as I will admit that I don't use "the archive" links to get to old blog entries that frequently, but I would say that it first appeared in the last month or two. Before that, it was working fine.