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Itinerary help needed--Please and Thanks!

Travel Forums Europe Itinerary help needed--Please and Thanks!

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1. Posted by JJforever (Full Member 114 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hello there! Can you guys help me with some itineraries for things to do and see for the following cities??? I would be so happy if you guys could help me with some good detailed things to do and see in these cities!!!!! Thanks Guys! Ciao

1) Sorrento--Staying at a hotel here for 4 days and taking bus to the following cities........

a) Island of Capri--One day
b) Amalfi--One Day?
c) Ravello--One day or with Amalfi??
d) Mount Vesuvious--One day??
e) Positano or Pompeii???? ONe day

Rome---Been here before and I still remember everything (lol still dream about it all the time) Dont need advice on this piece of heaven!:)

2) Siena, Tuscany--2 days

3) Florence--2 days

4) Cinque Terre--2 days

5) Verona--2 days

6) Venice--2 days

2. Posted by Gurt (Full Member 63 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!


Consider trains too!

I would skip mnt Vesuvius.
Take at least one day for Pompeii, very impressing.

Take the train "Circum Vesuvïus" (ask for that) and travel to Pompeii in about 30 minutes.
If you have some tome left, you can travel on to Napoli (30 min again).

If you like temples, go to Paestum. It's about 110 km.

Cinque Terre: we liked Camogli. From there you can take a boat to San Fruttuoso and from SF you
can hike to Portofino in about 1.5 hr. Nice!

In Roma be sure to visit Palazzo del Freddo in Via Principale Eugenio.
It's the oldest ice shop in town. Don't forget to pay your 'ice money' before you
make your choice!

Have a nice trip,

3. Posted by jaxstar84 (Respected Member 415 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Capri is expensive... but i guess worth a day trip, but i think the island of ischia is MUCH better.

vesuvius isnt far from pompeii, and you can do that in half a day... i did it and would recommend it as you get some great views over the bay, tho for walking up there its a bit expensive! but its not hard... you get a bus from near the entry to the pompeii ruins if i remember corectly? not sure but your hostel/hotel can advise you... you can prob do vesuvius and paestum in a day, but its a longish day! paestum was worth it but a strange experience - its all overgrown and its thunder has been well n truly stolen by pompeii! but if youre into temples check it out...

the circumvesuviana, its hot, rickety and slow, but it goes straight to pompeii. however if you can take a SITA bus, id go for that option, its more scenic and comfortable.

the ferry from sorrento to naples was about €5 when i was there which is a bargain! nice views, but windy... consider it if youre keen for something different! takes longer tho of course...

amalfi is worth half a day walking around, but you can check out atrani which is the next city around - just folow the road around and youll find it (ask at the tourist office for directions), its really easy. theres a walk that goes up to a church in the hills where you get amazing views over the bays - def worth the walk!! you have to go to the little piazza of atrani, and theres a little alleyway opposite the 2 bars there (where, incidentally, you can get inet access, on their laptop, for the price of a drink) and you go up there thru the residential buildings and eventually you have to turn left, youll figure it out, and you head up and bush bash a bit sometimes, but end up at the top of the mountainy cliff things and get sick views.

4. Posted by JJforever (Full Member 114 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Thanks guys. So how come everyone is telling me to SKIP Mount Vesevius??? Is it really not that great?

Also do you guys think it would work to see Atrani, Amalfi, and Ravello all in one day?

5. Posted by daisan (Budding Member 40 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

i agree with all other guy who told you to not visit vesuvio.
Transport in "costiera amalfitana" is not so quick especially if
you take bus on panoramic road.
2 days in Siena is to much, if you move by car you can also
visit Perugia or Arezzo that are quite close to Siena.

To find place to eat you can check this site:
is italian only, but is simple to use also if you don't
speak it.

6. Posted by jaxstar84 (Respected Member 415 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

hey there

it depends how much you want to go to vesuvius and how much time you have... you can easily get up there, climb it and come back down again in 4 or 5 hours, its only a half day you need, less if you have a car. i did it and thought it was worth it... even just for the fact tha tyou can say you did it! there are wicked views from the top and into a huge crevass, or maybe what used to be the mouth of the volcano, as well. do it in the morning when its not too hot...

i think you can do amalfi, atrani and ravello in a day, but it will be a full day! you can very very easily do amalfi and atrani cos theyre right next to each other and you can walk from amalfi to atrani in about 15mins. in atrani theres actually not much to see but a charming little piazza and beach thats pretty sweet to hang out at all day... you can see some pics in my gallery of atrani (there are only 2 but yeah... you can see something at least!). you can also see a few of ischia..

7. Posted by NantesFC (Respected Member 531 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

4 days in the Sorrento region is a reasonable amount of time to have. You can definitely visit Amalfi, Atrani and Ravello in a day. I loved Atrani and I stayed there for 3 days alone just because of the people I met there @ the hostel, A'Scalinatella. Atrani is tiny, just comprised of a lovely little square with a bar, pizzeria and bakery and a beach that seems to be busy 24/7. The restaurant on the beach is great too! The residential parts create a maze upwards and @ night, getting lost in them are pretty awesome I must say. Luckily Atrani is small enough that you'll find your way back eventually. Amalfi is a bit larger, with a larger but more congested beach. The town is split by a cobblestone road in which tons of shops are lined along as well as 4 major banks. There is a huge church near the square, I'm not sure of the entry price but it's pretty interesting. I didn't spend to much time in Ravello despite the hassle getting there but it was a quaint little town and a relief (After being in the busier Amalfi/Minori/Maiori) towns. At least for me, it seemed like I had the place to myself. Obviously the main activity in these places for me where photostops.

There are a few things to do in Capri and the ferry ride there is nice. You could hang out on the long but thin beach that's really packed. A lot of people visit the Blue Grotto (What Capri is famous for) but that depends on the tide and weather. Once you take the cable car to the top to the town of Capri there's tons of shops and restaurants to look at. There a great panoramic views from the top of the cable-car station and this is where most groups who tour Capri originate at. If you walk left, away from the station you can follow the small alleys and walk ways into the residential area to get away from the tourists. Signs are a plenty so don't worry about getting lost. I like being in residential parts when I travel. Last time I was there I ended up having a conversation with this old couple who were taking a walk and they told me all about the island and even recommended me to a sandwich shop nearby. You must visit Anacapri which is a 10 min bus ride to the top of the mountain (scenic) and that town is the base in which you go to the other sites such as the Blue Grotto (by bus), Punta Carena (& it's famous lighthouse). In Anacapri there's a very charming piazza (St Nicola) where there's always live music and bars. The walk through the town is in a U shape and is very short, it's a tiny town really. You can take a railcar up to Mt Solaro to the highest point of the island for the best panorama. There are numerous other 'grottoes' to the southeast of the island and small secluded beaches!

Mt Vesuvius is hot lol. I agree that you could skip it since you don't have a lot of time. If you decide to go, do so in the morning before it gets unbearable. It's worth it when you get to the top. Obviously Pompeii is a MUST and you'll be surprised at how grand it really is. I spent 5 hours there and didn't even get close to seeing the whole thing. The mummified remains of the townspeople kind of freaked me out! Getting an audioguide is worth it if you really are interested in learning about Pompeii. There's so much there that even if you tried to read out of a book, you'd lose track really fast. Positano is amazing, my favorite place in Italy and a place I will go back to everytime I visit Italy. However, if you have to make a choice between Positano and Pompeii it must be Pompeii just due to it's history and significance.

1 day in Siena max is what you need. I spent a night here which turned out to be too much time. Perhaps a day trip from Florence would be best for you. I consider the Siena cathedral the best in Italy, just amazing with it's black and white marble arches and gold everywhere. A MUST! Across from this is the church's museum & an ancient wall (which provides stunning panoramas of Siena, I took many pics here). It's also a must to sit and observe people in the Piazza del Campo, one of the most recognizable squares in all of Italy. There are quite a few other churches you can visit and along the side of the Santo Spirito is a neat, steep stairway.

Take the hike through the Cinque Terre, it's worth it and the aerial shots from the small paths are the best. You get a sense of glorified arrival each time you near one of the towns. I'm sure you know about how picture perfect these towns are (Vernazza & Manarola in particular) so I won't bother going into all of that. The best pizza on Earth can be found in Vernazza (Pizzeria da Ercole). I'll be coming here just for a slice of that stuff, it's literally the BEST!! lol. I was based in Levanto, 10 min by train away from Monterosso, the furthest north of the 5 lands. I suggest you do the same as the hostel there is very cheap, clean, comfortable and the town itself is beautiful (much larger than the 5 lands of course) There's a nice little park, shops, grocery stores and a beautiful long beach. The beaches along the cinque terre are all on rock terrain. In the evening time in Monterosso, there is always a band playing on a beachside stage. It's no wonder many restaurants surround the area with outside seating. There's also a pier that's a local hangout spot. You'll have to walk through a tunnel to get to the town from the train station. The collages in the tunnels of the cinque terre add to the colorful flare of the area.

Alright, I've typed too much so I'll try to rush the rest lol. Florence is Florence, you'll find everything you need in a good guide book or by asking a local. Order tickets to the museums ahead of time. If you buy them at the door it's a 3 hour wait at the Accademia (David) and 1.5 hours @ the Uffizi which alone will take up half of your day. I have so much more info I'd like to give you but I'll cut it short for now

8. Posted by JoyC (Full Member 99 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

As NantesFC noted, you will find everything you need in Florence by consulting a good guide book (I like "Rick Steves' Italy") and by asking a local. Asking a local is the best idea no matter where you are. Take the bus to Piazza Michelangelo for amazing views of the city. The bus ride to Fiesole is very scenic and Fiesole itself is absolutely charming. Get reservations for the Uffizi and be sure to visit the Accademia to see David. Walk everywhere. Florence is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. We saved money and had a great experience by renting an apartment for the 3 weeks we were there. Even for a 2-night stay, I think getting an apartment would be smart. Contact Ana and Lorenzo at to see what they have available.

Although you didn't ask about it specifically, I would strongly recommend taking the train from Florence to Lucca. It's near Pisa, but a little closer to Florence. Walk or bike (rentals are everywhere) around the top of the old wall of the city. It's beautiful. Getting lost in the old part of Lucca within the walls was one of the best things I did in Italy.

You cannot go wrong with whatever you do in Venice. Again, getting lost in the city is a wonderful adventure. You can't get too lost because it's an island! Visit Murano Island to see the glass and wander around this quaint town. My best advice for Venice is to get a vaparetto pass so that you save money when you want to get around via the canals. Our hotel on Murano Island was divine - and very affordable! It's much, much cheaper than staying in Venice. I think we paid something like $70 USD at

Have a wonderful time; it will be hard not to!

9. Posted by JJforever (Full Member 114 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

You guys are AMAZZZZIIING! Thanks for the DETAILED help! I appreciate it guys! I was in Rome and Venice 2 years ago as well. I will take these ideas with me for sure