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1. Posted by edipo27 (Budding Member, 18 posts) 18 Aug '08 15:12

edipo27 has indicated that this thread is about Northern Ireland

Hi all,

I hope you are doing fine and enjoying the European Summer.
I may move to Belfast and I would like to know more about the city, transportation, night life and prices... If any of you wants to help, I need anything someone willing to live there for a while should know.

Thanks in advance,

2. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru, 3535 posts) 19 Aug '08 05:28

Hi Elisa

Ive lived in Belfast for more years than l care to admit too!

If you could be more specific with your questions that would be great - prices for what exactly, what kind of night life.

Belfast is a friendly city - theres a lot of re-generation and construction going on even with the current threat of recession and this "credit crunch". Its a city therefore prices arent that cheap. Transportation - well there are bus links in and around the city - metro bus service which is quite frequent - for out lying areas the transportation links are not so great.

Night life - theres an abundence of bars pubs clubs restaurants cinemas and so on. It depends what kind of scene you are into but in reality l doubt it will disappoint there should be something for everyone.

If you send me through a few more specific questions l can most definately try and help!



3. Posted by tway (Travel Guru, 7274 posts) 19 Aug '08 09:52

Belfast is a really friendly city! I was just thinking, as I was walking down the sidewalk at lunch and dodging the hoggers who don't budge an inch, that in Belfast people not only moved to give you room--they smiled too!