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1. Posted by michellemm (Full Member 109 posts) 12y

michellemm has indicated that this thread is about India

Hey folks!

I´m going to India in February, stay there for about 45 days (including Nepal and Tibet), but I´m still not sure how is the best way to move around. Some say it´s by train, others by plane. Can anyone help me?

p.s.: I also accept ANY kind of tips!


2. Posted by niteshb_in (Full Member 30 posts) 12y

Trains, AC IIIrd Class, is the best way to go for on long distances
Air is good if you are rich or have so well planned journey that you can buy tickets 2-3 months early and get apex fare deals, saves a hell lot of time over long distances.

"Shared Taxi"/"Tourist buses" are good for nearby cities. Auto rickshaws are great for intra-city. Pedal Rickshaws in some cities are good for walkable distances in some type of weather.


3. Posted by beppe (Full Member 144 posts) 12y

The best way to move on long way is train they are quite good if you take best class.

In town you can move with rickshaws.

Plane could be useful if you have to make big distance but you can evalute there if you find a good price.
Sometimes you can find good price also for private car with driver if you can share with other people.

4. Posted by michellemm (Full Member 109 posts) 12y

Thank ou guys very much!

Do any of you have any idea about the prices? (anything exactly...just so I can have an idea...)


5. Posted by niteshb_in (Full Member 30 posts) 12y

There was some conversation going on with Michelle.
I thought sharing would help others too...

Hi Michelle,
Please go to ...
(I had mentioned this link indirectly)

May be you can find a good deal to India and back,
forget Kathmandu :)


Hi Nitesh!

Thank you very very much! Your tips were awesome! I´ll check on these sites and see what´s going on...
One last question, do you know if I can get those discounts on a flight to Katmandu?



-----on 27.09.2004 niteshb_in wrote----

All Domestic Airlines in India offer discounted fares if
booked one month in advance. The prices are pretty less
compared to normal fares. The market is undergoing price
wars and presently the minimum fares are offered by
Their minimum is just 14$ but its all already full till
July 2005. They have a graded pricing system, so it may
come out pretty less for you. You can try at their website

Other airlines are also bracing for competition offered
by airdeccan and are coming up with their own schemes.
You can try (the best domestic) (It is offerring great deals
now-a-days. Govt owned, so don't expect great service. But for
my holidays I found them offering the best deal)

Apart from all this, airlines are trying to maximize their
revenues, and offer unfilled seats on auction 15-4
days before departure. Try
Click on the right side under "Shop"

Compare it with normal air fares and you will understand
how it is going on over here.


-----on 27.09.2004 michellemm wrote----

Hi Nitesh!

I´ve read your message in the forum...could you give me more details about this appex fare? Because I´m going olny in February, so maybe I can try to get it on advance....

Best Rgrds!



6. Posted by niteshb_in (Full Member 30 posts) 12y

Hi Michelle
Check this....

And everyone
check this
600$ around the country for 2. That is just Rs. 15000/- per head. Mumbai to Bangalore to Kolkata to Delhi. Great for tourists

Say one starts in delhi, tours agra/rajasthan, and from mumbai goes to bangalore, tours kerala/south, flies to kolkata, tours puri and sikkim flies back to delhi, tours Uttaranchal and Himanchal, flies back home. Though in the process misses Varanasi and Khajuraho kind of places.

7. Posted by michellemm (Full Member 109 posts) 12y

Hi Nitesh!

So I can consider US$150,00 minus 25% youth discount? Is that right?

8. Posted by niteshb_in (Full Member 30 posts) 12y

Hi Michelle!!

That's right but I wouldn't recommend flying if you are passing through Uttar Pradesh (a state in India). You will save plenty of money that way.

About Kashmir, I would say that though 98% foreigners wouldn't face a single problem, the rest 2% can potentially lose their lives. Its not that armies are fighting over there, its islamic terrorism that is the worry and they look for soft targets. I wouldn't want you to be one in even 2% probability


9. Posted by michellemm (Full Member 109 posts) 12y

Yeah...I wouldn´t want to be in this 2% either!

The only distance I think it´s worth flying is from Delhi to Katmandu and to Ladak, maybe the rest it´s better to go overland, right? you think I can get o flight from Ktm to Ladak?


p.s.: where are you from in India?

10. Posted by niteshb_in (Full Member 30 posts) 12y

There are no flights from Ladhakh.

I am working in Bangalore (State: Karnataka, in south)