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1. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5635 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I will be transfering to another flight on LAX, spending about 3 hours there.
A few questions:
1. Usually you won't go through customs, is this the case in the USA as well?
2. Flights are with the same airline (Air France): do I need to collect luggage or will this be automatically done? Again normal, but in the USA?


2. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3578 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Even a transit passenger now has to clear US Immigration. One of the changes since 9/11/01. Since you have to clear IMM, your luggage will have to clear customs as well. After you are cleared, you can check your bags with Air France.
A bit of a pain, but that is the US post 9/11.

3. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5635 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Thanks Mike!

I guess I just have to make sure I have the letter and all other papers in order which I have send last year, including my I-94 immigration card. Of course, i don't have that latter one anymore.

It seems I have sent it to the right adress back than, but it changed shortly after that. I just don't hope I will be send back to the Netherlands. I just have a 3 hour stop in LA, so i will be leaving anyway.

Send the whole thing again to the new adress is probably the best I guess.


4. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Was going to say the same thing. Our last trip to Dublin was through the States, and we had to check out/check in just to transfer. On the way back, our passports were flagged as Neal--still a UK resident--didn't have a flight back from Montreal. We had to buy a return ticket at the airport.

5. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5635 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

So you get the I-94 card just for a transfer he. Hehe, paranoia...

you know what I hate most? The fact that eventually we all need to adjust pastports to meet US standards, but if I have to ask something at immigrations (send the I-94 card for example) I really had to sent a letter and papers. I mean, don't they have simple email. Or if they have, do they have reply buttons? They are so ignorant

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