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Large Pig Traps Woman

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1. Posted by chayisun (Budding Member 163 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

SYDNEY (AFP) - A pig the size of a Shetland pony has trapped an Australian woman in her village home, the national broadcaster reported Tuesday.

Caroline Hayes, 63, has tried leave her house in Uki in northern New South Wales to use the outdoor toilet but says the animal has bitten her and shoved her back inside.

"It's a beautiful male pig but he's just so big and so pushy," she told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Rangers from the local Murwillumbah Council tried to rescue her but could not capture the huge animal.

"The rangers came out to my house yesterday with a dog cage and this pig is that big, it's like trying to put an elephant in a dog cage," she said.

"They tried for a little while and they couldn't do it. They got him halfway in and he just backed off and went back to my dam, where he was having a lovely time in the water."

Hayes said she and her neighbours began feeding the pig, whom they named Bruce, when it showed up at their homes 10 days ago after its owners could not handle it and let it loose in the rainforest.

But it became aggressive, demanding more food and biting her on the leg when she tried to go to the toilet.

"It started getting very pushy, started pushing me around, so I started to get a bit frightened, until the stage that it started knocking on my door at four o'clock in the morning, actually head-butting my door," she said.

"This morning, I wanted to go to my toilet, which is outside. I opened up the door and the pig pushed me that hard, it pushed me back into my room, where I fell over," she said.

"I picked up a broom and poked him out with it and he snapped it in half with his mouth."

The rangers were due to try to capture the pig again Tuesday, ABC said.

So, what the Rangers SHOULD do is call in Dr. Phil! If anybody can cure this pig of his aggressive behaviour it's Dr. Phil! Yea, and then an appearance on Oprah..The pig AND Dr. Phil...Maybe ANOTHER famous pig..After all, if Porky Pig can be famous....

Or else just shoot the bloody pig and ya got pork chops and bacon for a long time!

Wait a sec..Outdoor toilet????

2. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3573 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

There are places that still have no indoor plumbing. I have seen this in Cambodia & VN, but Australia was a surprise. Must be very rural in NSW. I am going to vote that Caroline turn this pest into pork chops and bacon.

3. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

For those who have seen The Milagro Beanfield War (Rubén Blades & Sonia Braga), one must agree that Lapita, Amarante Cordova's very talented pig, was a major highlight of the movie. Not too long after watching the film, and since we already had 3 dogs, 1 goat, 5 chickens, 1 rabbit and numerous cats, Beerman thought a pig like Lapita would be a nice addition. Knowing that such training would have to be started at a very early age, we adopted a baby piglet - the runt of the litter. It only took a week to conclude our newest charge had issues. Mean nasty issues. Thankfully, our friends who had given us the piglet, agreed to exchange this tiny terror of the barn for a more docile litter mate. Ah, things were back on track and we would have our very own Lapita - just named Wilbur. It was a male pig after all and we didn't want Wilbur to have an identity crisis by giving him a girl's name because pigs are smart.

The days and weeks passed. Beerman was very diligent about working with Wilbur so he would be a model pig. Needless to say, Wilbur was quite accommodating - for awhile. Even Bridgette, the goat, accepted him living in the stall next to hers. But, as most of these stories go, it was only a matter of time before our luck changed in more ways than one. Wilbur had grown up quickly. Now there's a reason people are warned never to enter the pen of a full-grown (intact) boar. They don't like it. They also are more than willing to show you how much they don't like it. And, they are big. Very big. About 500 pounds of pork roast big. To be honest, Wilbur should have undergone a small surgical procedure around 2-3 weeks of age but we accidentally neglected that one small item way back in the beginning. In short, Wilbur began to realize he had testosterone (in massive quantities) on his side. He began to see the one person who loved him so dearly as a plaything, charging into the side of his pen each time Beerman came through the main door. Sadly, the relationship between Wilbur and Beerman was waning... There was not going to be a Lapita in our future... No frolicking around the farm in the sunshine...

Not long after this realization, fate threw us a curve and we had to move away for a few months. Friends volunteered to take care of our animals until we found ourselves a new home and could take everyone back. Everyone except Wilbur. Poor Wilbur, now pushing a hefty 600+ pounds, found himself back on the hog farm... Until that fateful day... Now there's a reason people are warned not to butcher an older (intact) boar. They aren't that tasty. They do, however, fill up a freezer quite nicely.

We have an outhouse. It's sitting in out in the yard. We also have indoor plumbing. The outhouse looks lonely now that no one visits it anymore.

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4. Posted by chayisun (Budding Member 163 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

See, the problem with Wilbur is..I mean, was...A lack of companionship.

Beerman should have shared his beer with him...You know, go out into the pen, bottle of beer for Wilbur and a bottle of beer for Beerman...That's called binding.

Who knows where this would have gone. Wilbur and Beerman could have become buddies. Beerman could have taken Wilbur for long walks in the woods to discuss current affairs....At night Wilbur could have slept in the house. They make good watch pigs, I hear.

Also, they can be taught to use the facilities...I see you had an outdoor one that Wilbur could have had. Put his towel, toothbrush and stuff out there.

And, don't forget, that beer adds flavour to meat. Sue uses beer to cook with. She invented the Happy Meal slogan.....Anyway, Wilbur, being beer sodden, as it were, would, when the time came, be very delicious......

5. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

That pig's going to make some Christmas feast.

6. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

You might be right with your theory, Chayisun, but I think there was actually more to it than just the lack of companionship...
See, back then, Beerman wasn't Beerman yet - he was Aquaman. No, not the comic book superhero created by DC Comics nor even a distant relation. He was Aquaman - Fish Farmer Extraordinaire and I was his trusty sidekick, Water Girl - thusly named because I fell into the minnow tank a couple of times. We had built and were managing an walleye grow-out facility and hydroponic watercress greenhouse at the time Wilbur joined our family. I have a feeling that the walleye were spreading rumors, or it could have been the chickens because they are true jokesters, and word got back to Wilbur. The word - his living quarters were going to be relocated to one of the 800 gallon tanks and he would have to share the new abode with some fish. I don't think he minded the fish part as pigs are somewhat carnivorous (ever watch Deadwood?) or more on the order of cannibalistic. I believe the main problem was the lack of a proper mud puddle in the fishery building. That, and pigs aren't the best at treading water 24 hours a day. (It was 800 gallons of water after all.)

During that time, we also found out that Wilbur did not like beer but Bridgette (remember the goat?) was a lush. Wilbur wouldn't drink the beer though would try to eat the bottle. Bridgette would attempt to do both. I'm afraid the odds were just against poor Wilbur from the beginning. Not only did he not fancy himself a swimmer, he didn't drink beer, listened to the chickens and didn't have an outhouse for his toothbrush. See, the outhouse is on this property which we purchased shortly after he met his maker or butcher - take your pick. Bridgette went on to live an extraordinarily long life. We tried to keep her alcohol consumption to a minimum by feeding her tulips and hollyhocks - they were her favorites - unless the mulberrys were ripe.