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Newest Cirque du Soleil Show for the Vegas Lineup

Travel Forums North America Newest Cirque du Soleil Show for the Vegas Lineup

1. Posted by walkinTall (Inactive 12 posts) 8y

Anyone heard of their newest show Believe? It will star Criss Angel, the guy from Mind Freak. It starts next month at the Luxor. Anyone here a fan of Cirque du Soleil shows?

2. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3562 posts) 8y

'Believe' opens tomorrow according to the paper. Criss Angel is a major talent and I hope his show
is a winner for the Luxor.

I have seen all the Cirque shows. I would go see 'La Reve', 'Love' & 'Ka' again. I would not bother with 'O', 'Mystere' or 'Zumanity'. Not in the same class as the first 3 IMO. I admire the pure physical skill of all the the Cirque performers, but would not see the 3 I listed again. My 2 cents.

3. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3562 posts) 8y

I just read the reviews on 'Believe' at the Luxor. Doug Elfman is a local entertainment columnist and he was out for the Friday & Sat. nite shows. He interviewed fans as they left the showroom. Just about everyone thought is was terrible. Many gave it a 1 on the 1-10 scale. Several walked out before it was over. Others stopped and told everyone they met how bad the show was. The consensus: the Cirque part was OK, nothing special, but Criss Angel just did not do any magic worthy of him. "Pulling rabbits out of hats? That is magic?" " You can see the openings in the floor for the illusions," Julie complained. "Belief was not suspended once", said Moffett. He called the show a "dead end". He also said the show should be retitiled: "Don't Believe". What really got some out of their seats early was Criss Angel singing his 'Mindfreak' theme song. Lip-syncing was more like it stated several that walked out disgusted with the whole show.

All in all, a brutal opening weekend for 'Believe'. Hopefully the Luxor and Criss Angel can revamp the show during the 'ticketed previews' now going on. The official opening is Nov 1. From now until then, you get %25 off all ticket prices. After reading the reviews, it is going to take more than %25 off the fill the room each night. For fans of Criss Angel that still want to go, click here for his website.