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1. Posted by uphoria3 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 8y

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Hello, my name is Ambre and I just graduated from college and I was planning on moving to London. I've been to London before and stayed there for a month in a flat I rented, and have been planning to return ever since. So i have housing, I just don't know How to go about the job situation. My friend enrolled in a Graduate school in the UK, but I had planned to take a year off before continuing my education. Any suggestions/advise? thanks for any help you could provide.

2. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 8y

If you wanted to stay for longer than 6 months or intended to work or get a job in London you need a residency permit and possibly a work permit. The easiest way to go about getting a residency permit (and ultimatively a full work permit) is to enroll in grad school.

So unless you got some qualifications that are very much sought after in the UK so that you can get a skilled migrant visa your best bet of moving to London is enrolling in grad school.

If you plan to take a year off before continuing your education and work during the time do so in the USA. Save up some money for super-expensive London while you sort out all the paper work related to enrolling in grad school in the UK, which usually takes about a year anyway.

3. Posted by Gordie80 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y


I would contact some UK employement agencies for their advice.

It’s a good idea to try to get a bank account before you go, as it can be difficult once you're there. (You don't need to fork out a heap of money to an agency to do it either)

I bought this really great ebook online called "The London Survival Guide" that told me how to get a bank account. It’s also got advice on renting, tax, immigration... all sorts of stuff and links to websites and some discount coupons in the back.

It's written by a couple that have already done it and they tell you about traps to watch out for and some of their mistakes so you don't make them.

I found it helped me out a lot.

Have a great trip!!!!

4. Posted by Gypsy123 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 7y


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5. Posted by travelted (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y

Hi, i made the move to London a few years back and am still loving it! Gordie80 and T_maia are right you will need some kind of work permit/visa.

its all a bit daunting at first but i found these guys had some helpful information...

i hope that helps - good luck with everything!


6. Posted by Ofelia (Respected Member 142 posts) 7y

Firstly, may I suggest you try and see what the employment situation is like in your industry. Or are you simply looking at doing any random temp work such as catering/ retail etc? The recession has hit the UK as well and there simply aren't quite as many jobs around as there were.

Quoting Gordie80

I would contact some UK employement agencies for their advice.

UK employment agencies generally dislike the idea of sponsoring /bringing over someone from abroad, because it puts them into a tight spot legally- it's complicated so i won't dwell in it now, but basically for a UK agency to sponsor someone to come to the UK it would have to be someone at a high executive level, have particular skills, or be from a field where there are not enough workers in the UK, such as nurses. I'm sorry to say, a college graduate probably wouldn't be first on their list.

But maybe check out various exhange programs? Honestly, I have no idea what they might be, but if you are still involved with your college they might have ideas too.

7. Posted by sunset1999 (Full Member 108 posts) 7y

Check out the border agency website:

That's where I got my information on the visa that I needed before I came to UK.

Feel stupid... especially once I've submitted my post and realised that the first post was in 2008... duh!

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8. Posted by Ofelia (Respected Member 142 posts) 7y

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Feel stupid... especially once I've submitted my post and realised that the first post was in 2008... duh!

But there's no need to feel stupid! Such questions are always being asked and helpful links will surely always be useful. I've moved to the UK as a foreigner, so I know how daunting it can be!