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Half way round the world on a sailing ship!

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Half way round the world on a sailing ship!

1. Posted by GlocknDyln (Budding Member 3 posts) 8y

Ok, someone told me that theres these Tall Ships that sail around the world and you can get a ride with one if you volunteer to be part of the crew doing all the scrubbing the deck and working in the galley and so forth. I'm in the U.K at the moment and would like to see if I could get on one back home to Australia. Ive been googling my ass off and found nothing!

Does anyone know anything about these ships?

2. Posted by Atherinton (Inactive 32 posts) 8y

i've also been interested in this and heard of it being done but when searching, find nothing. if you get an info let me know.

3. Posted by 3rdmonky (Budding Member 15 posts) 8y

The tall ship Soren Larsen voyages from New Zealand out around the pacific and home again once each year. Doesn't go to England though as far as I know. You can google it, it has its own website.

You also have to pay a lot for it though, so it doesn't look like a budget option.