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I'm arriving in Buenos Aires - what places I shouldn't miss?

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean I'm arriving in Buenos Aires - what places I shouldn't miss?

1. Posted by Rocio (Full Member 9 posts) 8y


I'll be arriving in Buenos Aires in a couple of days. I think this has been asked/posted before, but I don't seem to find it.
I was in Buenos Aires once, but didn't have much time then. I would like to know what places I shouldn't miss; maybe you visited a nice place which is not so popular but you really liked. I'd like to know your opinion.
Are there any nice places near the capital where I can spend, say, a couple of days?
Thank you for your advice.


2. Posted by imelda (Budding Member 4 posts) 8y

hi there rocio just wondering did you recieve any replies as well be heading there in just a few short weeks....

3. Posted by davidbach (Budding Member 3 posts) 8y

Buenos Aires is so full of things to do that it is almost impossible to hit everything on one trip, but on the bright side you will never get bored! There are a ton of websites that have info on the traditional tourist attractions ( -the governtment site, - click on the neighborhoods to see what there is to do) and also off the beaten trail ( . But the coolest part of BA is to see whats going on RIGHT now that noramally doesnt get much press, to find these I suggest checking out , and just googling Current Events BA. From my visit, I can certainly suggest some highlights that are not to be missed. I recommend going to the Feria de Mataderos (in a cab) - in addition to the San Telmo Fair and the Recoleta Fair this is a great option to see more of the authentic side of Argentina. Also, I suggest going to see La Bomba de Tiempo which is a improv drumming concert every Monday night at 8pm at Club Konex (you can google it to find exact info). This is a great show that brings locals and tourists together :) Hope this helps!

4. Posted by Rocio (Full Member 9 posts) 8y

Hi David,

Thank you so much for your reply. My mistake was to post my message just a few days before my trip, so I got your reply when I was back home. I visited the tourist spots this time, in fact it was my second time there, but the first one was short. I loved Buenos Aires, and I really want to go back soon, so I am writing down your suggestions for next time!
Thank you again!