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Well THAT was a waste of time and money...

Travel Forums Off Topic Well THAT was a waste of time and money...

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1. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 8y

Canada has re-elected a minority Conservative government. Hooray! After an unexpected and illegal election call by the PM, we are basically right back where we started a month and a half ago--except for a grave waste of taxpayers' time and money. And the government still thinks it's justified cutting arts and culture funding.

But all grey clouds have a silver lining...

And that was world news at 9:00.

EDIT: Seems voter turnout is at an all-time low. What the who, people?? Try living in a dictatorship and see how much you take for granted...Yeesh!

Off soapbox now...

[ Edit: Edited on Oct 15, 2008, at 6:16 AM by tway ]

2. Posted by beerman (Respected Member 1631 posts) 8y

Be happy you don't start the electoral process 18 months before the you know how tired we FreedomLanders™ get of hearing all the damn adverts from the candidates who, by the way, have spent roughly the gross national product of Canada on TV spots? Month and a half? That's a dream......

And you think that's a low turnout? We had 18 people turn out in 2004....9 for Bush, 9 for Kerry, and 1 for Cheney (odd math here)...out of 130 million eligible voters....yes, we were 2 of those voters. Everyone else was too busy hiding in their basements and fallout shelters in case someone wearing a turban and a beard stopped by to rape the cat and set fire to their shrubbery. Hence the COUNTRY FIRST - BE A PATRIOT sort of mentality we have grown accustomed to down south of you. Be happy the Mounties haven't renamed themselves "Homeland Security By Horseback"....I know few of them actually ride horses anymore, but still.

But the times, they are a-changin'........just ask Bob, we'll still have the Department of Homeland Gestapo, but they'll have to be nicer when they wiretap your cell and x-ray your house from space. Service with a smile, that's what it'll be.....

Get out and re-vote. We only get to do it every few years. Good Luck, and Good Night.

3. Posted by chayisun (Budding Member 163 posts) 8y

As I climb onto Tway's soapbox and look out at the horizon I see there is a minority government here, in the land of the maple leaf.....And the Mounties who DO ride horses. Well, not all the time but when necessary....

Anyway, the remark about an illegal election must be addressed. If it was illegal then the RCMP, on horses, should be investigating. Illegal? I think not. Dumb..Oh, yea....Costly? Well, if $290 Million dollars going down the toilet is expensive then I guess so.

Harper called the election, presumably, to achieve a majority government.....At this, he failed due, I believe, to the loss of seats to the BQ in Quebec. Why the BQ is allowed in Parliament, I have no idea. They, presumably, are still keen on having Quebec separate from Canada but the members of the Blockheads are very happy to receive Canadian dollars, fat CANADIAN pensions and perks from the country they don't like, very much....Not to mention the passports that allow them to travel everywhere....However, until they do separate, if at all, then they ARE Canadians..... You gotta love democracy...It's akin to having the Taliban as a party in the United States...Well, maybe not THAT bad, but still a pain in the #$%...But, I digress...

As for the news about Trudeau's election in Quebec, well, it helped to have his mother campaigning for him. Always liked Maggie......Pierre? Not so much.....Not after the finger incident.....And the motorcycle story.....

4. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 8y

Harper's election call violates his own law. See here.

As for the Bloc vs the ROC--it's a tired old argument. English Canada doesn't understand Quebec (they don't even try), and Quebec hardliners have tunnel vision. Every time one of them opens their mouth to diss the other, I want to slap them silly.

And Harper didn't lose because of the Bloc. He lost because he chose to cut spending to arts and culture--the pride and joy and raison d'etre of Quebec society--and in the process gave Quebec (and the ROC) the big, bad middle finger. Oh yeah, Mr. Harper? Right back at ya.

5. Posted by beerman (Respected Member 1631 posts) 8y

Hey hey Canuckis are supposed to be nice, especially to each other dammit!!!! If there's going to be any name calling and bad mouthing around here, then let a FreedomLander™ do it

I know, you were only engaged in thoughtful debate. It's a concept we haven't quite mastered yet down south. And by the way, we do have the American version of the Taliban here...she's running for Vice President. Just like the Taliban, she wants you to do what she says, not what she does. We have our own Fundamentalists right here, thank you.

And what's all this hooey about cutting spending on things that don't make any money and are only good for enjoyment, like art and that other stuff you mentioned? By cracky, we done it right way back when in '04.....we done banned them Hollywood sissies from makin' any old damn movie that didn't have no good Christian themes to 'em. Ha, that'll learn 'em.....

You Canuckistanis just have to learn to git along, just like we done did with them uppity Northerners after 1864 (yes, being from Arizona qualifies me as a "southerner"...we actually did fight for the South against them baddies anti-slavishnessers). So jest do whut we done.....hunker down and wait fer tha' revolution to come back....then ye can have yerselfs a good old fashioned civil war agin. HeeYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

6. Posted by chayisun (Budding Member 163 posts) 8y

Geez, we Canucks ARE nice to each other. Just because we don't agree on politics...I mean WHO agrees on politics....The only thing Canadians agree on is hockey. And beaver tails. And snow shovelling.

Anyway, Harper won....Well, sorta... Dion lost. Election over. Cost too much. Quebec good. Canada good. Toronto Maple Leafs bad. I voted. Me good. Harper breaks own law.....Ah, read what there was of article....It's some professor in Winnipeg who said that....He's going to sue if Harper calls election.....I wil wait for lawsuit.....Anyway, next election should be interesting with a new Liberal leader as the knives are coming out.....

To-night is the American debate. I think. I can't wait. Hillary will be there..Watching...I like Hillary. I'd vote for her! Well, if I could.

Beerman, You all a SOUTHERNER??? Why my great grampy was from the south, too!!! Yep!! Well, it was Southern Ontario but, hey, it was South...By the way, We Canucks ain't never had a civil war. Well, we DID have a disagreement once..Took place in the 1800's on Yonge Street in Toronto..Political argument...Which was resolved when everyone visited the local Ale House.....After an evening of drinkin' and wenchin' everybody forgot what it was they were arguing about...It's a Canadian thing...

7. Posted by Peter (Admin 5846 posts) 8y

From distant Australia I heard that the push for them to get a majority government basically failed due to the economic crisis. With Barack set to win on the back of that crisis as well, I have to say, at least some good is coming out of it all ;) Actually, I quite cynically think a lot of good is coming out of it, including a total rethink of the stupid way the financial systems operate and a realisation that greed really does backfire.

8. Posted by bwiiian (Travel Guru 768 posts) 8y

Quoting Peter

Actually, I quite cynically think a lot of good is coming out of it, including a total rethink of the stupid way the financial systems operate and a realisation that greed really does backfire.

I totally agree, but the only thing is, when greed backfires and incredibly rich people lose a bit of money, an even greedier and richer bunch of people from one certain country (can you guess which one?) decide to give them 500 billion dollars to help them out. "Fuck the poor, they can stay poor, but my rich buddies, hell there is no way they are losing any money!"

9. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 8y

Mmm... beaver tails. Always reminds me of summers at the amusement park...

And lordy, we always disagree on politics here--even neighbours disagree wildly. But in the end we're always friendly 'cause it's written in the lawbooks, dontcha' know. ;)

I don't think Harper missed a majority due only to the economic crisis, though. It's a mix of stuff--from cutting arts funding, to environmental issues, to his unapproachable robot-like personality (we're into the kiss-kiss stuff here-hard to understand people who look uncomfortable having to touch other people), to trying to turn Canada into something it's never been (pro-war, pro-big-business-tax-breaks, pro-Republican, etc.). For the first time in my life, I look out to the western provinces and think "We live in the same country? Wha?"

I say bring back the Yogic Flying party. They looked like a fun bunch to hang around with.

10. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 8y

Quoting tway

I say bring back the Yogic Flying party. They looked like a fun bunch to hang around with.

Were their mascots Yogi Bear and his little buddy BooBoo? (Yogi never went anywhere without BooBoo.)