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My Proposed Trip (Early Stages)

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1. Posted by gareth123 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hi All.

The daily grind has finally got to me, and I think next year I should be ready to set off.
Im yet to buy my ticket, but Im thinking about something like this:

London > (south america, any good first stop locations would be a appreciated)

Equador > Peru (macchu picchu) > Bolivia (salt plains) > Chille
I also have a friend in Belize that id love to try and visit.

South america (final fly out destination not confirmed, again, ideas appreciated) > NZ

New Zealand > Australia

Australia > Thailand (& co, spend a good month or so)

Thailand > China

China > Tibet/Nepal (A key element is fitting in the Everest Base camp trek)
However I'm not sure weather its best to do this from Tibet/Nepal side.

As you can see, this is very ruff at the moment, and lots of the travel will have to be overland.
Ive saved about £8000 so far, and I can probably get it up to 10k before I leave.

For a approx 6 month trip im hoping this should be ample.

Any feedback and or tips advice at this stage would be awsome.

2. Posted by Kiwigail (Budding Member 18 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I am wondering how easily you can fit all this in in 6 months? It looks very ambitious. Or are you planning on just doing very specific areas in all these countries? To see New Zealand properly you would want at least 5-6 weeks unless you whizz through. A month for Australia and Thailand is actually not very much! You could easily spend a month in Thailand, and I assume you will go to just a small part of Australia?The travel distances there are huge. My son and daughter in law have just had three months in South America. They managed to see the northern part of Argentina, Bolivia and Peru - a month in each.That involved a 9 day trek to Macchu Piccu ( different to the usual route) They did the salt plains too.China is another country you would probably want at least a month in just to see a very small part.And it looks like you need time in Nepal. You will have quite a bit of flying time in all this too.You could go to all these countries, but certainly won't see a lot of some of them in the times you have allowed.

You say you would travel overland in many of these countries. I think you will find travel times will be much more than you have allowed . You also will need to try and have some breaks where you relax on a beach or whatever. Travelling like this can be very tiring even if you are young and fit.

I am not so sure your money will be ample. It should be enough if you are very careful. Does this include airfares? You do have the advantage of being on the best end of exchange rates for many places which will be a big help.

Good Luck, I suspect you will have to refine your ideas, for the time frame , but it looks like a great trip.

3. Posted by advtr08 (Budding Member 6 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!


I hear you about the daily grind, friend. Your plans are further along than mine and I need to gather some more funds. Which will be difficult as tomorrow is my last day in work due to lay-offs. There is a job famine out there.

Take care.

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