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1. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 8y

Ok, I watch this dutch news site, which also has a section with remarkable news.
I will add some now and then (in English of course;)). Please feel free to contribute and make us TP members laugh!

Sick or Kinky?


2. Posted by chayisun (Budding Member 163 posts) 8y

"Listen, you are accused of doing some strange things with a vacuum cleaner. How do you plead.."

"Not guilty, your Honour."

"But the Police Officer saw you."

"I know he did but there were extenuating circumstances."

"Like what..."

"Actually, the Police Officer didn't read the vacuum cleaner it's rights."


"See, the vacuum cleaner and I are engaged. So, since the vacuum cleaner is my soon to be bride, well, it should have been read it's rights."

"You're engaged to a vacuum cleaner?"

"Yes, your Honour. I was just test-driving the vacuum cleaner to see if we are compatible. We are. It was fun. Also, I got my car washed, too."

"That is stupid! 30 days in jail!"

"Your Honour..."


"Can I take my vacuum cleaner with me?........."

3. Posted by chayisun (Budding Member 163 posts) 8y

-The June transfer of a prisoner from lockup to Britain's Northampton Crown Court, just across the street, required summoning the closest prison van (57 miles away) to come give him a ride. The prisoner (accused thief Mark Bailey) could not simply be walked across the street because officials feared that public, custodial exposure (a "perp walk") would embarrass him, in violation of his "human rights." [Daily Telegraph (London), 6-6-08]

-A Judge has thrown out a Nebraska legislator's lawsuit against God, saying the Almighty wasn't properly served due to his unlisted home address. State Sen. Ernie Chambers filed the lawsuit last year seeking a permanent injunction against God.

He said God has made terroristic threats against the senator and his constituents in Omaha, inspired fear and caused "widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth's inhabitants."

Chambers has said he filed the lawsuit to make the point that everyone should have access to the courts regardless of whether they are rich or poor.

On Tuesday, however, Douglas County District Court Judge Marlon Polk ruled that under state law a plaintiff must have access to the defendant for a lawsuit to move forward.

"Given that this court finds that there can never be service effectuated on the named defendant this action will be dismissed with prejudice," Polk wrote.

Chambers, who graduated from law school but never took the bar exam, thinks he's found a hole in the judge's ruling.......

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5845 posts) 8y

Vietnam to ban small-chested drivers

Anyone with a chest under 28 inches will be banned from driving a motorbike - which make up 90 per cent of the traffic on the country's chaotic roads.

[ Edit: Edited on Nov 3, 2008, at 2:04 AM by Peter ]

5. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 8y

Remarkable news? Despite not hearing a single word about him 2years, apparently George W Bush is still alive and the American president for a few more weeks. I found that amazing...

Gotta love it though i think it's Pardus who should take credit for passing this one on.

And I know it's not a sheep, but i 'm a big fan of this annual contest

6. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 8y

Quoting Gelli

Gotta love it though i think it's Pardus who should take credit for passing this one on.

Love it! Reminds me of the one someone posted here just awhile back...

No remarkable news here, except perhaps the Dexter copycat. Not so much remarkable as odd and disturbing. I'm starting to think the Prairies are a scary place...

7. Posted by beerman (Respected Member 1631 posts) 8y

BTW Gelli....that was me with the Welsh sign......

As if humans weren't odd enough, now animals are getting into the act.......An Octopus named Otto? the hermit crab juggling......

8. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 8y

Traveller got lost in German airport - for a whole week

On a personal note: I happen to know the airport and they win the competition for the most badly signposted airport in Europe hands-down. They got 3 almost identical terminals and if you are in Terminal C and need to go to B you can walk around C for more than 20 min before you even get a clue that there might be more than one terminal. On the other hand it is not that difficult to find somebody to tell you the way - and the airport is small. I once spent a whole night there waiting for my 5 am flight and I managed to visit every single nook and cranny open to departing passengers within 1 hour.

9. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 8y

What a sad waste of beer :(

10. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 8y

Prisoner escapes by mailing himself out in a box...