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You know it's time to leave when....

Travel Forums General Talk You know it's time to leave when....


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41. Posted by Shazer (Budding Member 29 posts) 8y

When making the decision to leave makes you the happiest being on the planet and changes your attitude, in a positive way, towards everything.

42. Posted by KimMcRae (First Time Poster 1 posts) 8y

I knew it was time to leave (the second time) when war patriotism had swept the US just after the Iraq invasion began. When I expressed my objection to the invasion, people told me "if you don't agree, why don't you just leave" so I DID! Thank Me

I know its time, once again, to take that nice long extended vacation I've been mulling about now that tax payers are being robbed blind by the US government (7.7 TRILLION dollars in bailouts?!?)...

You know it's time to leave when you need a welcome respite from the homeland.... ;)

43. Posted by missjoycie (Budding Member 6 posts) 8y

when the air starts to feel stale :)

44. Posted by mindymoo (Budding Member 20 posts) 8y

:When you've split with your boyfriend who was the reason you were still here!!

At least I have learnt a lesson :)

45. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1998 posts) 8y

Hey, Kim McRae,

It's been an entire 2 days since your post, so now the total is up to $8.6 trillion in bailouts. (welcome to Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson's magic kingdom--where you can be taken for a ride everyday).

But don't worry, we can always flip real estate to make money:

Oh, wait, I forgot--that's how we got into this mess.

46. Posted by boulderman (Respected Member 418 posts) 8y

When...Tsumani hits the Thai beach you are in 11 days later, and Katrina blows in 12 weeks later

47. Posted by tleb (Full Member 117 posts) 8y

When you realize that on your drive to work in the morning you are hoping that somehow this day, the same roads will lead in a different direction. And that maybe, just maybe, you will find more adventure in your day than being a 55 year old secretaries hero because she can't login to her computer and you remind her for the third time that month TO TURN OFF THE GODDAMNED CAPS LOCK BUTTON!!!

Or when you realize that every Friday when you get home after work, the whole work week has melted together in your memory, and that without your calendars and itineraries there would be no way for you to temporally differentiate between what you did Monday morning and what happened Friday afternoon.

When you are told by excited pay-check-signers that even though the two previous expensive pieces of software they purchased to revolutionize the company didn't work because they have no idea what they are in the market for, they have now purchased a THIRD ONE WITHOUT ANY INPUT FROM YOU! and now you can again begin the data population and employee training processes again. Even though you already know the outcome, and that all these fancy things they want from a piece of software could be accomplished by google apps and some shitty little program your brother-in-law could patch together on a weekend. And part of you knows that they will never go for that (even when this overly complicated program is also scrapped) because there are not enough zeros at the end of the price for that solution.

I just had a goddamned epiphany. I think I just hate my job. I may need to re-evaluate my situation when I get back from six-weeks off. Thank god I leave in 19.5 days.

48. Posted by tleb (Full Member 117 posts) 8y

Quoting KimMcRae

You know it's time to leave when you need a welcome respite from the homeland.... ;)

As soon as a government throws words like: Motherland, Fatherland or Homeland at its population it's time to either: get out, or be force fed a steaming pile of propaganda that is supposed to make the fact the civil liberties of said population are going to be utterly violated, feel like a patriotic duty.

Please, I am tired and going to bed soon. I hope any eaters of steaming propaganda will remember that and cut me some slack. I do usually know better than to talk about such things on public forums.