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Now i can say i am leaving..........

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1. Posted by julieoz (Full Member, 95 posts) 30 Sep '04 16:09

Next month!!!!! (it's now October)

even though its not until the close of the end of November! But still!!

less than 8 weeks to go! :)


2. Posted by gizmo008 (Full Member, 32 posts) 1 Oct '04 16:42

I'm with you there.......60 days and counting.......and only 49 days of work left.....woohoo........

3. Posted by Rach-a (Respected Member, 368 posts) 4 Oct '04 04:51

28 days for me The worst is over and I've handed my notice in at work and soon about to embark on the trip of a lifetime I share your excitement

4. Posted by nykky (Full Member, 76 posts) 6 Oct '04 05:41

55 days YAY

Nykky x

5. Posted by backpackit (Full Member, 45 posts) 6 Oct '04 06:54

AGGGGGG!!! I'm so jealous! Take me?? ;)

6. Posted by Clarabell (Travel Guru, 1696 posts) 6 Oct '04 09:24

Well, i've made the momentous move and booked it yesterday and its so its all really happening! Told the boss today and she was really happy for me.

I really pity all my friends and colleagues cos I am going to be a nightmare!!!

It's exactly twelve weeks today!!!

And I have 55 days left at work.

Its the final countdown!!!! do-do-derr-derrr do-do-du-du-derrrr

You get the idea.

Hurrah for all of us!

7. Posted by huntdaisy1 (Full Member, 66 posts) 19 Oct '04 01:46

November 9th - yipee!!!! 9 days left of work (sitting on the net checking out where i am going) then a week off to prepare and then flying to peru - the start of my round the world travels for at least a year!!!
very exciting - have fun and drop me a line if that is where anyone is heading.
daisy :)

8. Posted by julieoz (Full Member, 95 posts) 20 Oct '04 03:15

well im down to 36 days now!! ooooooh getting very exciting now!

9. Posted by Rach-a (Respected Member, 368 posts) 22 Oct '04 06:22

10 DAYS TO GO It's a case of what can I leave out of my backpack - I have sorted everything I wanted to take and it wouldn't even fit in three backpacks - let alone one So just the absolute essentials I think plus a few glad rags and off I go I am also following travellerspoint tips on another thread on how to pack things properly I am excited though - I am tearing my hair out trying to pack stuff for RTW but it's all part of the fun

10. Posted by julieoz (Full Member, 95 posts) 22 Oct '04 15:16

oooooh 10 days I am so jealous!!! Even though i will be down to 10 days in 23 days which isn't very long at all when you think how quickly a week flies by!!