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Palawan Or Boracay

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1. Posted by sivarmn (Budding Member, 39 posts) 4 Nov '08 23:18

Hi all,

We are still undecided whether to visit Boracay or Palawan for the christmas vacation.
Goin thru the internet all suggest Palawan - for privacy and nature and Boracay for partying. Though im interested much in nature but my friends are not :( . What u guys suggest.

Let us know the important places we shouldnt miss(in Boracay as well as Palawan)

Would 3 days (or max 4) will be enough to cover the imporatant places.

pls help.


2. Posted by loubylou (Travel Guru, 664 posts) 5 Nov '08 05:37

3-4 days would not be enough time to see anything in Palawan, apart from Puerto Princesa the provincial capital with a couple of day trips. PP isn't that nice a place to spend 3-4 days in.

Palawan is a very basic place, road travel takes a long time as the roads are very bad and mostly unpaved (it even takes a long time if hasn't been raining and the roads are washed out) and in most places there is only 4 hours of electricity per day, and not many restaurants/bars to choose from...Palawan is not a partying place at all, from what you have said I think this would be too basic for your friends.

3. Posted by sivarmn (Budding Member, 39 posts) 10 Nov '08 08:06

Think our only option is boracay then...Thanks loubylou...

4. Posted by blue crush (Budding Member, 16 posts) 11 Nov '08 23:01

I'm actually surprised with what loubylou said about electricity in Palawan. I went to Puerto Princesa last March '08 but never knew electricity only ran for 4 hours a day. I stayed at a hotel there for 3 days but only experienced a 5-minute brown out. And most of the places I went to had electricity for the whole day. But she's right about the partying thing. Puerto Princesa is a sleepy town and there's not much to do there, unless you plan to go island hopping on Honda Bay or take the Underground River cruise.

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5. Posted by LucaUK (Budding Member, 29 posts) 14 Nov '08 08:28

In Boracay I saw the most gorgeous sunset of my life, and I häve been to many tropical paradises, with some 6 different variaties of pink... the island itself is very well developed for a certain type of packaged tourism, many Koreans, Taiwanese etc... nothing particularly adventourous there... I ended up spending over a week in Caticlan, just opposite Boracay, as I met some boatmen on the beach and rented from them a house owned by a Belgian guy... great experience if u dont mind having lots of people over for drinks almost everynight

6. Posted by Swept Away (Travel Guru, 1113 posts) 16 Nov '08 02:03

Boracay is an atoll

and Palawan is a long huge island...

The partys are not everywhere in Boracay...

I JUST HATE THOSE fake party culture with sponsors that their streamers in every corner of the islands

7. Posted by musebay (Budding Member, 10 posts) 7 Apr '09 01:16

If you want a laid-back, more quiet place, go to Palawan. If you like nightlife and mingling with people, go to Boracay! Both have glorious pristine beaches!

Personally, I love both. I've been to Palawan twice (El Nido) and Boracay many many times as wel live nearby.

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