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trvelling to america after being arrested for possession of

Travel Forums North America trvelling to america after being arrested for possession of

1. Posted by ianrobbi (First Time Poster 1 posts) 8y

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hi their in 1999 i was arrested for possession of canabis but found not guilty i am due to go to florida next year for a family holiday does anyone know if this will efect my visa application:

2. Posted by jeantyc (Budding Member 71 posts) 8y

After the 911 the laws have become much more sticter, so I believe the answer is yes

3. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 8y


If you were found not guilty, then you should find out what you need to do to get the the arrest purged from your criminal record. Generally countries do this, but not knowing your country of origin, I can't say for sure. If the criminal record is purged, then it wouldn't show up on any search and you wouldn't need to mention it.

You didn't state your nationality, which has a big impact on what you need to do to travel to the USA.

Assuming you are travelling under the Visa Waiver Program (list of applicable countries here) and the arrest isn't purged from your criminal record, then you will need to apply for a Visa. If you come from Canada, Mexico or Bermuda, check out the rules here, and follow the links to see what makes you ineligible for travel without a visa. It is my impression that the rules are a bit more relaxed than the rules for VWP, as the criminal record has to be for a crime of moral turpitude (where is a list that explains that, if you follow the links).

If you don't come from one of the VWP countries or Canada, Mexico or Bermuda (which have yet different rules), or you do come from those countries but have determined you need to apply for a visa, you still may be allowed in, depending on if you meet the conditions on this page (which you should, as you were found not guilty).

So, basically, yes, you should be able to go, as you weren't convicted, but it may require more work to get into the country as you may need to apply for a visa.

4. Posted by kevandshan (Full Member 142 posts) 8y

If you were found not guilty of an offence, then you have no record and will not have a problem. You do not have to declare this to the US authorities, as you were tried and found to be innocent.


5. Posted by mg00d (First Time Poster 1 posts) 8y

has anybody actually travelled who has been convicted or found innocent of something?

did US immigration have your record etc?

6. Posted by SamSalmon (Respected Member 626 posts) 8y

check your private messages

7. Posted by cameronw (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y

Yes i have been arrested, and done time in prison.

I travel to the states at least every 12 months. I have 5 convicitons. I always say no. NEVER answer yes to that quesiotn. Im not proud of my record but dude, if they had your record on the screen when you entered the country, they wouldnt need to ask you if you had a criminal record.

Just say no, youll be fine.