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from frankfurt to luxembourg????...travellin around germany.

Travel Forums Europe from frankfurt to luxembourg????...travellin around germany.

1. Posted by strumfita (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y

:)i am planning a trip around germany...and to visit luxembourg perhaps,but i cannot find a well designed site in order to be helped out...i am arriving to frankfurt and want to go from frankfurt->luxembourg->aachen/cologne->heidelbeg->munich...i have found some rail timetables but i was wonderin if there are any buses...(low budget choices generally)
thank u in advance....

2. Posted by treplow (Budding Member 8 posts) 8y

The listed sequence of the places you want to visit makes sense.

I would use the trains, especially if you plan to spend some time in each of these cities and take day trips into the surrounding countryside from each. While I am not familiar with the details of every discount ticket arrangement, you can get one for each area. For example, for all travel south in Bavaria, you can use the daily Bayernkarte. It limits you to the slower trains, but yu can hop on and hop off wherever these trains stop.

To plan your itinerarym, check the website of the German railroad (Bundesbahn) at There is an English version. You may not always want to take the most direct route, so first decide what other places you want to visit wn route from point A to point B and enter these places under your desired routing. To further save money, some people, as they travel from, say, Frankfurt to Munich, buy a discounted ticket from Frankfurt to Kahl at the Hessen Bavaria "Laendergrenze" (state line) and then a discounted ticket for he next state (Bavaria). This way is probably the cheapest way to cover the places you want to visit.

3. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 8y

There are almost no national bus lines in Germany, only local and international ones.

If I was you I would go to and enter all the to/from data. This gives you an idea of rail ticket prices.

If you could post a schedule (exact dates of travel and how many people are travelling) I might have some ideas to cut down on ticket cost using Ländertickets. (Like the above mentioned trick of buying a ticket from Frankfurt to Kahl and then another ticket for Bavaria).