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Someone help me keep my feet on the ground!

Travel Forums Off Topic Someone help me keep my feet on the ground!

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11. Posted by Rach-a (Respected Member 368 posts) 12y

13 days to go It doesn't help I've had too much caffeine today either

12. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 12y

Yay. Congrats Rach, and happy travels.

Just one question - why bother trying to keep your feet on the ground??? Enjoy the anticipation and be as high as you want

13. Posted by Rach-a (Respected Member 368 posts) 12y

Hi gelli - yep I guess you're right I just get a little hyperactive before trips abroad - and I am kind of doing everyones head in at the moment with being so hyper Just trying to sort out the backpack now and various other bits and bobs:)

14. Posted by YerMan (Full Member 66 posts) 12y

Just got back this morning ( 0430 to be precise) from a lovely week in Crete. The weather was great, nice food, friendly people.

Now I'm sitting in rainy, cold, miserable London and not best pleased.

Bobbybob, if you go to Eastern Europe you'll love it. I've been round a fair bit of it. I would really recommend Bratislava as a place to go.

Romania is probably the least expensive of all the countries there, although I've only visited Bucharest.

I was in Poland, albeit a few years ago, and really enjoyed that as well. It's definitely a good destination for the independent traveller.

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