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Alternative travel arrangements for bangkok airport

Travel Forums Asia Alternative travel arrangements for bangkok airport

1. Posted by gwmss15 (Inactive 3 posts) 8y

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Due to the closure of Bangkok's international airport by the stupid PAD group. Alternative transport options are available.

Bus and train options are available subject to space for passengers in a hurry to leave Thailand. Onward flights can be obtained in Malaysia though various airlines.

SRT rail: Trains depart hualamphong visit OR for more details or call 1690 if in thailand for rail information.

Transport company Buses are also available from new southern bus terminal "SAI TAI MAI" in thonburi side of Bangkok. Tickets can be purchased at the time of travel.

Travelling time is around 18 hours trains depart Hualamphong at 14.45 (Butterworth) and 15.10 (sungai kolok) 13.00 (sungai kolok) every day.

2nd class sleeper 1210 baht oneway. Other classes are available.

Trains from Butterworth depart 13.15 to Bangkok

Trains from Sungai Kolok depart 11.30 and 14.20

At Sungai Kolok its about 2km to malaysia border where other transport is available to Kota Bhuru airport.

At Butterworth take a boat to Penang island and a bus to Penang airport where onward flights are available. OR take a bus to KL (about 5 hours)

Tickets can be purchased at Hualamphong and bang sue stations on the day or in advance.

If the train is booked out and you still want to travel standing 3rd class tickets are available on the sungai kolok trains. Otherwise take a VIP bus.

If the train is full buses to hat yai depart every hour until 9pm from southern bus terminal taking about 18 hours to get there. take bus 511 to end of the line or a cab to SAI TAI MAI in outer thonburi. From Hatyai there are vans and buses into Malaysia.

I hope this might help some stuck passengers.

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2. Posted by lodesafun (Budding Member 56 posts) 8y

Today being Sat. There are a limited number of flights out Sunday from various airlines. seems that its just for the stranded with a previous departure date.
I might be a bit overly positive but By tuesday I think things might be on track.

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4. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 2001 posts) 8y

Airline Route blog is reporting several international airlines using the Utapao Air Base instead of BKK.

5. Posted by gwmss15 (Inactive 3 posts) 8y

Due to the total shut down of all airports in Bangkok by the PAD group. No flights to and from Bangkok are operating until further notice.

Airline Passengers are advised to seek alternative transport out of Thailand and make onward flights from Singapore or Penang or KL airports.

SRT: Alternative rail services to and from Malaysia Via Hat Yai Junction.

All SRT trains start from Hualamphong station Rama 4 Road near chinatown. These listed trains from Bangkok will make stops at Bang Sue Junction and Salaya.

SRT train tickets can be booked at Bang Sue and Hualamphong upto 60 days in advance.

Rapid 171: Bangkok (Hualamphong) - Sungai Golok (Malaysian Border East Coast)
Depart Bangkok 13:00 Arrive Sungai Golok 10:45

Special Express 35: Bangkok (Hualamphong) - Butterworth (Mainland Penang)
Depart Bangkok 14.45 Arrive Butterworth 11:55

Special Express 37: Bangkok (Hualamphong) - Sungai Golok (Malaysian Border East Coast)
Depart Bangkok 15:10 Arrive Sungai Golok 11:25

Special Express 41 DMU: Bangkok (Hualamphong) - Hat Yai Junction (Transfer for Malaysia)
Depart Bangkok 22:50 Arrive Hat Yai 12:27

KTMB 953: Hat Yai Junction - KL Malaysia (KLIA airport)
Depart Hat Yai 14:50 - Arrive KL 06:10

Transport Company: Alternative Bus services To Malaysia/Southern Thailand.

Buses Depart form the New Southern Bus terminal on the western (Thonburi side) of Bangkok

Access to this terminal is via Bus routes 511, 40, 507, 515, 539. Or take a taxi for a couple of hundred Baht.

Bus services to Hat Yai. Ticket Prices: VIP 24 = 1151 VIP 32 = 863 2nd class 610 baht.

Bus departure times to Hat Yai (Transport Company buses)
VIP 24 seats depart Bangkok at 17.00 18.00 19.00 20.00.
VIP 32 seats depart Bangkok at 17.30.
2nd class 47 seats depart Bangkok at 05:30, 07:00 17.00 21.45.

Bus services to Sungai Kolok. Ticket Prices: VIP 24 = 1473 1st class = 947 2nd class 759 baht.

Bus departure times to Sungai Kolok (Transport Company buses)
VIP 24 seats depart Bangkok at 17.15.
1st class 40 seats depart Bangkok at 18.00.
2nd class 47 seats depart Bangkok at 21.00.

Bus departure times to Krabi. Prices start from 494 Baht.
VIP 24 seats depart Bangkok at 19:30, 19:00.
1st class 40 seats depart Bangkok at 18:30.
2nd class 47 seats depart Bangkok at 17.00, 20.00.

Bus departure times to Phuket. Prices start from 539 Baht.
VIP 24 seats depart Bangkok at 07:30, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00.
VIP 32 seats depart Bangkok at 19:45.
1st class 40 seats depart Bangkok at 18:30.
2nd class 47 seats depart Bangkok at 06.00,15.00, 18.00, 05.00, 07.00, 09.30, 14.00,16.00,17.00, 20.00,21.30.

Please note all of these listed buses depart from New Southern Bus terminal in Thonburi.

Additional non “Transport Company” buses also service these routes at similar of higher frequency.

VIP buses (most comfortable) 1st class Buses (Ok comfort) 2nd class (not so good) are available to Hat Yai from Bangkok.

Bus Tickets are purchases from the main ticketing hall at SAI TAI MAI (southern bus terminal). The ticketing hall is located on the 2nd floor inside the main terminal building.

Onward connections at Sungai Kolok.

Passengers are advised to take a truck - bus to the immigration checkpoint 2 km south of the station and cross into Malaysia and take a local Bus or Share Taxi to Wakaf Bharu Station where a train to Singapore Departs at 20:28 arriving next day at 10:55 in Singapore's KMTB station.

Also departing from Wakaf Bharu Station is a train to KL leaves at 18:45 and Arrives in KL at 07:10.

Onward connections at Butterworth Station.

Passenegers have the option of taking an expressway Bus to KL from the bus terminal outside the station at Butterworth. Buses depart every 30 to 60 mins all day. Taking around 5 hours to reach KL.


Passengers can wait for a KTMB train to depart from Butterworth station at 21:13 and arriving in KL at 06:10. Note the Bangkok train arrives at Butterworth at about 12:55 Malaysian time.

Onward Connections at Hat Yai Junction.

Passengers may take the KTMB train departing Hat yai at 14:50 thai time and arriving in KL at 06:10 Malaysian time.


Take a bus to Malaysia from near the shopping centre within Hat Yai city about 500 meters walk from the SRT station. Travelling time is about 10 hours all up to KL bus departures subject to Passenger demand.

I hope this should take out some of the worry about travelling from Bangkok to Malaysia or Singapore to take flights.

For the duration of the airport closure I will be posting seat availability updates as regularly as possible to help with bookings for passengers. At this link: [snip]

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