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CRIMINAL RECORD worry Wat wil UK immigration ask a tourist?

Travel Forums Europe CRIMINAL RECORD worry Wat wil UK immigration ask a tourist?

1. Posted by big fella (Inactive 1 posts) 8y

hello my friend from australia is looking at travelling to london to sightsee n watch some football but...........was just curious if they ask a 4 day visitor about there criminal record he has a criminal conviction for drug supply n disqualified driving which occurred 7 years ago n has never been to jail............any advice? thanks in advance

n also looking at going to france n rome for a few nights than back to london how are the immigration in italy n france in regards to criminal records?

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3. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 6y

Hey Big fella
Tell your "friend" that he will be ok, they neevr ask and he does not need to declare it.
France and Italy are the same.

He may be randomly pulled out of a crowd and asked...but if he has never been to jail I dont see why it matters.
But that is a small chance.

4. Posted by flyingbob (Inactive 842 posts) 6y

He'll need a visa to come over.
His name will be checked against a database before the visa is issued. If he gets the visa, then he's as good as in for his holiday, as he'll have already been looked at.
Sure, visas are issued sometimes to people who manage to slip through the net - it happens in every country, but this doesn't really apply in your friends case. If he's got the visa on his passport, then the UK and the reat of the EU is happy for him to visit.

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