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early rtw itinerary, your opinions and advice needed

Travel Forums Round the World Travel early rtw itinerary, your opinions and advice needed

1. Posted by silverteen (Budding Member 7 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

hey, im new to travellerspoint, me and my girlfriend both finish our courses next summer and have decided we want to go see some of the world before settling down and getting our own home, im 25 and shes 22, were from the uk, wanting to go to see australia and the usa mainly, on a budget where possible but trying to make the most of our time there. wont be going until early 2010 after saving money but like to be prepared and plan in advance.

so heres the plan,
fly from UK to
Hong kong 3 days onto ...

Sydney - spend about 4/5 days seeing the sights, then a bus tour making our way to... takes 3 days
Melbourne - about 3 days
Melbourne to adelaide on a 3 day tour seeing great ocean road etc
adelaide 3-4 days includin 2 at kangaroo island
fly to Alice springs and spend about 3-4 days there, see uluru/ayers rock etc.
then fly to cairns
spend about 4/5 days in cairns - barrier reef and cape tribulation

making way down east coast by greyhound buses stopping at....

townsville 3 days - magnetic island
Airlie Beach - 3 days - see whitsundays islands
bundaberg 1/2 days - see turtles on mon repos beach
Rainbow beach 3 days - fraser island
Brisbane 3 days - Moreton island trip
Surfers paridise 5 days - australia zoo, surfing lessons, etc
Byron Bay 2 days
coffs harbour 1 day
back to Sydney

Fly from Sydney to....
Washington DC 4 days to see sights bus up to ...
New York 5 days to see sights.... then fly to...
Buffalo 2 days to se niagara falls.....bus up to...
Toronto 3 days....bus to
Detroit 1 day....bus on to
Chicago 3 days..... fly to
San Francisco... 4 days here which includes 1 day trip to yosemite nat park
7 day trip from san francisco to see yellowstone and mount rushmore
then onto ...
Los Angeles 3/4 days seeing sights then fly out to
Hawaii 5/6 days (back to LA) and onto by bus....
Las Vegas 4/5 days (inc 1 day trip to grand canyon)...back to LA
then by bus to...
San Diego 5 days, inc 1 day trip to mexico(tijuana), san deigo zoo etc... then fly to
New Orleans 3/4 days then fly to
Florida 6 days - have family in ocala

then Fly back to UK! from florida

Roughly about 110 days!

I wont be hiring a car so its buses and planes for us. we will be mostly staying in hostels.
so any advice? where to add days, places to see, places to miss? have a spent too long too short etc in places?
As far as were concerned we want to see the main sights, like NY etc while still seeing the national parks etc, so tried to find a good balance.

so what you all think!

2. Posted by Erik85 (Respected Member 274 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I think it's feasable, but a bit too short in each place (ie. the places where you've got 1 or 2 days, remember you still have to get to and from each place in this time!) - perhaps relax a bit more and take it slower, which should make it more enjoyable - try lengthen if you can as it's a bit like a whirlwind tour at the moment. Also, you have heaps planned, which is great, but you might not want such a rigid itinery by the time 2010 comes and you get there. Keep some flexibility so you can do ad hoc things depending on your mood, people you meet, stories you hear, etc. and it will seem a bit more like an experience rather than a task.
As well as extending some of your locations by a day or 2, I'd think about adding on 1 week 'extra time' both Australia and the US.

My bone to pick with it is (although you said you want to see Australia and the USA mainly) - you're crossing a plethora of different people/religions/cultures/places to visit countries most similar to the UK! To 'see the world' I'd encourage you to make more use of your RTW ticket and consider Asia and perhaps the Pacific region. Most of this area would be better for your budget too. Your itinery includes great places, I just think with such a break and at your age it would be great to venture out a bit more.

All in all I reckon you should keep what you have, extend it by 10-30 days (for Oz and US), and another 1-3 months and consider places like Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Nepal, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tahiti, Fiji, etc. which are quite near, either this or South America. Although I'm kind of assuming you don't have a set date since you are just finishing courses :)

Hope that helps a bit and good luck!

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3. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3290 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I agree with what Erik wrote: A RTW trip is for seeing the world, not the places a lot of Brits emigrated to and where everybody speaks English. I strongly recommend hitting Asia, say China or Singapore and Indonesia.

Also it is utter madness to travel to the USA without having your own vehicle. I strongly recommend having one, especially when you want to see some nature. If you do not have a driver's license get one before you go. Hostels are almost unknown in the USA, the cheapest way to travel in the US is to get a station wagon (estate car) and sleep in the back. I've been to New England (where the public transport system is reputedly the best in the USA) and was appalled at all the places you cannot reach without a car. If I am ever going back to the USA it will be either with a driver's license, someone to drive me or with my bicycle.

4. Posted by karlyfu (Budding Member 62 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I disagree about the hostels being unknown in the US, admittedly I didn't go bush but I had no problem with heaps of hostel choices in LA, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, Orlando, and New York.