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Could not upload photos from a older date

Travel Forums System Talk Could not upload photos from a older date

1. Posted by Alexmmx (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y

First I like your web site, and that I found some photos that are from a older date, and that
I wanted to re filed it to keep it in the year period, so that I loaded 2 photos that were file:
1985, and after I hit the UPLOAD button that it said ERROR.

Question: Do I have too many photos that their is a problem in uploading, please let me

Thank You
Alex Carrillo
aka Alexmmx:)

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5906 posts) 8y

The problem is a bug on our side after our server move a couple of days ago. We're working to resolve it right now and I'm hopeful we've found the root cause of it now.

I've applied this fix specifically to your account, so if you could try again, that would be great.

And finally, a side note; to change the date of a photo, you don't actually need to upload the photo again. On your photo management page, select the photo you want to edit and then click the Edit Selected button to update any details, including the date.

Cheers, Peter

3. Posted by NZBarry (Respected Member 5 posts) 8y

Ah, so that explains it. Do you think there could be some sort of notification go up when the problem is resolved? Thanks.

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5906 posts) 8y

Yep, sure thing. I'll post in this thread and start a new one just to announce it's been fixed! It's going through and updating things right now.

Basically the permissions were set incorrectly on a bunch of users' folders. Takes a little time to rectify, but it will all return to normal soon :)

5. Posted by Peter (Admin 5906 posts) 8y

Ok guys, this *should* be resolved. Let me know if things still aren't working for you!