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Any tips for Yoga volunteer opportunities?

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Any tips for Yoga volunteer opportunities?

1. Posted by triptime (Respected Member, 32 posts) 21 Dec '08 19:58

I am a Yoga instructor and Nutritionist traveling the world with my boyfriend. I know that many Yoga retreat centers around the world offer volunteer experiences in exchange for room and board but I can't seem to find much information on the net. Does anyone know of any or know of a good resource / website reference for this?

Thank you!

2. Posted by stag (Budding Member, 31 posts) 24 Dec '08 12:42

Tough one really, i thinkt he best thing you could do is get the name of the city/town/area you are traveling to, then searching for companys/services that provide Yogo and contact them, explaining your situation, or search for yoga clubs etc to see if you can volunteer with them.

Hope this helps! :)