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Animals in Kenya?

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Which are the most common animals to see on a Kenya animal safari? are they any different from those found in other african countries?

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The most common are zebra, giraffe, buffalo, elephant and different species of antelope, and wildebeasts of course. Also lions are the most common predators, but hyenas are also abundant. You probably see smaller animals, birds, warthogs and with some more luck you will see rhinos and leopards.
Crocodiles and hippos are in the waters and you will probably see them as well.

The differences in general with southern africa are not that big, it's more that there are differences between parks within Kenia/Tanzania and within Southern Africa. Wild dogs for example are pretty rare but there are parks where they can be seen a little easier.
Also, there are differences in species of antilope and other species of zebra and giraffe can be seen in Kenia with some luck. But I won't let that be something to make a choice for a park or part of Africa.

I have been to both (Kenia/Tanzania in east and Namibia in the south) and for wildlife the east is probably a little better. Ngorongoro is packed with wildlife (exept giraffe!). Also parks are relatively close to eachother. For example Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo etc.
As a country though, Namibia is my favorite and I mainly saw wildlife in Etosha so if you want to combine landscapes with wildlife, Namibia might be your choice. It is also much safer and easier to get around by yourself (rental car). This applies to Botswana and South Africa as well.

So if you want to choose, keep in mind that countries like Kenia/tanzania and also Botswana are catering mainly to wildlife enthusiasts (although the Kilimanjaro climb is something totally different) whereas South Africa and Namibia are better to combine some landscapes, wildlife, culture, wine and dine etc.

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Popular Kenya animals that people see on a Kenya safari include the big five ( Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino) and over 30 other different species.

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For backpacking around the world, by far the East coast of Africa and the game parks were my highlights. Being American puts a damper on current Kenya or Tanzania trips do to Terrorist threats on Americans, but I would certainly go to Mombassa beach in Kenya if at all possible. It is the best snorkeling in the Red Sea and rivals any Carribean destination.

Also if you can afford to stay at one of these hotels it would be a highlight for you. One is called Treetops and one is called The Ark, both are in Kenya I believe and both are built in the treetops literally. Now at night the hotel is surrounded by salt ponds so you can view lions and whatever game is around but all through the night is awesome.