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Khoa Sok National Park - Thailand

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1. Posted by spacecake (Budding Member 10 posts) 8y

Hi, I'm going to Thailand on Friday. Can anyone advise me on the best place to fly to from bangkok to get a next day, 3 day 2 night trip to Khao Sok national park? I can fly to either ranong or krabi (phuket is a lot more expensive). I could do it on my own but would rather have it all organised for me.

If I fly toRanong, how do I travel down the coast and where do i go to organise accomodation for thenight and the next day tour? Is it easier from Krabi?


2. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3562 posts) 8y

I just did a quick search on Air Asia and you do need to make a decision. I tried both Ranong & Krabi. Some dates were already full, others available but pricey. Last minute travel is more expensive than giving them 2 weeks notice.

I have been to Krabi, not Ranong. Krabi has heaps of hotels & travel shops right in town. I am sure they could oragnize a tour to Khao Sak N.P once you are there. If you choose Krabi, take a taxi/truck into town and start walking the streets. Plenty of GHs and hotels to choose from. Not very big, you can walk the main streets in 15 minutes. If you do book a flight, then you can book a room for the first night if that makes you more comfortable. I always arrive and wing it, but others do not like that option.

You do have another choice if you don't book a flight. There are overnight buses leaving from the Southern Bus Station in BKK for Surat Thani in the early evening. You arrive in Surat very early am. Figure 500-700 baht for this leg. Buses leave for Khao Sak every hour from 6:00am on. 1 hour, 140 baht to Khao Sak. The are also overnight buses at the same station and around the same time for Krabi. Figure 600-800 baht for the bus to Krabi. Takes 10-12 hours.

This site seems to have plenty of good info. Good luck to you.

3. Posted by spacecake (Budding Member 10 posts) 8y

Thanks for your advice Vegas Mike. After reading your post I got into a panic and immediately booked my flight! : )

I thought that since I'm going straight to krabi after if would be a good chance to see somewhere else so I'm flying to Surat Thani and I'll get a bus from there. Its seems the easiest. I haven't had much luck finding a cheap tour online but I think it'll all be easy to arrange once I'm there and worst comes to worst i can always walk round on my own and just find accomodation. I just hope that i dont have to cart my backpack around the site and that i can find somewhere safe to leave it. Since it is closer to the lake I might as well try and go there first and stay at a floating rafthouse. (hope my bag doesn't sink it!).

4. Posted by wildfk (Respected Member 459 posts) 8y

You could also fly to SURATTHANI.......much closer!!!

The flights there are cheap.

From there you will need a bus/minibus - (or even a taxi!) to Kao Sok. - I'm sure they are easily found.

Suratthani Airport is less than 100 km from Kao Sok.

Which part of Kao Sok are you stying at BTW?

5. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3562 posts) 8y

I don't if you have thought about pacsafe, but it makes stealing from you much more difficult. Constantly worrying about theft becomes very stressful. Just a idea for you to consider. Good luck with your tour.

6. Posted by spacecake (Budding Member 10 posts) 8y

Yes I have booked a flight to surat thani now and from there will get a bus/txt/walk until I find somewhere to stay. I was thinking of heading to Nung House, Arts or Morning ist as they have good reviews but I will see when I get there.

The pacs safe looks good but a bit too expensive for me.

7. Posted by wildfk (Respected Member 459 posts) 8y

As an alternative maybe look at
Baan khao sok Resort......
231 Moo 6 , T.Klongsok , Phanom , Suratthani 84250 THAILAND / E-mail : / Tel . 081-9580185 , 081-8945440

on the river - Its a bit quieter, run by a young uni educated couple...nice gardens and some new tree houses- with spiral staircase access. - (1500 baht but you can negotiate a lot on that!)

tjeir web site is crap...frankly it's an embarrassment.
try googling them.

Nung's is pretty much in the most popular /crowded part and ?
Art review (??) is nicely perched on a cliff overlooking the river. You can swim in the river below.

If you venture up to the Ratchaprapha Dam - about 40 km towards Surat Thani you can get long tails that take you off to lake side bungalows - very popular with Thai visitors. There's also some extremely flashy-looking lakeside accommodation up around there.