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Ideas and advice please!!!

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Ideas and advice please!!!

1. Posted by travelpant (First Time Poster 1 posts) 8y


I'm planning my very first RTW trip and I'm just wondering if anyone can give me an idea of how much I will need to save and also how much time I should spend in each place. I will be travelling for about 6 months (starting end o Jan 2010) in the following places:

Starting in London
-Hong Kong
New Zealand
Cooke Islands
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
New York
Finishing London

It's just so hard to work out how much I will need in each place, I dont want to travel super basic (i want to be somewhat comfortable throughout the whole trip)

I really would appreciate all feedback that anyone can give me!

2. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 8y

I'll just try to break it down into pieces, the way I would do it.;)

China: for the places you mentioned: 3 weeks
(flying from HK to Bangkok or Vietnam by the way or travelling overland?)
South East Asia: 2 months, more if you add Laos by the way, which is recommended
Oz: 5 weeks
NZ: 4 weeks
Cook Islands: well, let's say max a week, if you like relaxing as well
US total: 3 weeks, 2 week LA to Las Vegas, including for example Grand Canyon and Death Valley, maybe Sequoia and Kings Canyon NP, 1 week NY.

Just a rough breakdown, but I hope this get you started.

Are you arranging all RTW tickets already? You can choose to do parts overland, or just skip the flight on your RTW ticket and book a cheap ticket with AirAsia, from HK/Macau to Southeast Asia, might just be cheaper.

Have fun!

3. Posted by grandroach (First Time Poster 1 posts) 8y

Hello, my name is Aaron.
Breaking it down would also be a good plan, also choose you you want to travel...I mean in what kind of fashion.. like the rich and famous or like a back paker. That makes a world of difference. I have traveled round the US and now live in Germany. I loved hosteling so much I have opened my doors to to others. Come stay at my place! I am also trying to build a network of house/apt sharing, like couchsurfing but with a bit more...

talk to you soon! A

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