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1. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3573 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

We got to see 3 screenings this week. I will start with the worse first. 'Paul Blart Mall Cop' is a total waste of time/money IMO. I guess teenagers that like fat jokes may get a chuckle or two, but almost everyone else is in for a tough time. Kevin James is a fat slob mall cop, having to take on punk kids who shoplift on skateboards. Wow, there is an exciting set-up. Pass on 'Mall Cop'.

Next up was 'Defiance'. I was excited to see this one. I like period movies that take you to a time & place that you will never see. I also like war movies, esp. when a whole bunch of Nazis get the chop. 'Defiance' seems perfect. A true story of Jews rising up in the woods of Belarus, fighting the Nazis. Unfortunately, too much time is spent IMO reminding us the woods in Belarus are cold and there is not a lot to eat. I know you have to spend some time with the charactors so we care what happens to them, but too much time was spent on the problems of hoards of Jews hiding in the woods. Too much bickering between the brothers and not enough time killing those dastard Nazis IMO. I still think you should see it, but I expected a blockbuster and got a mediocre movie, too bad.

Last up was 'Revolutionary Road'. Both Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet are bound to be nominated for an Academy Award. For that reason alone, many will see this movie. The problem is that the story is such a downer. Marital problems in the 1950s? As the story unfolds, it reminded me of 'American Beauty'. No wonder, same director, Sam Mendes. Both are very similar. Great acting, depressing stories, haunting musical score. It is very uncomfortable to watch this couple disintegrate as they cope with the challenges of marriage, children, boring jobs. I go to movies for escapism, as do most of us. I want to see either historical drama, think 'Gandhi', Chariots of Fire', 'Bridge Over The River Kwai, 'Saving Private Ryan', 'The Queen' or a good time: 'Indiana Jones', 'Star Wars', 'You've Got Mail'. I want entertainment, escapism from what is going on in our 'real life'. I don't want to see marital problems that leave me depressed when I leave the theatre. 'Revolutionary Road' is very well done, just a total downer. If you liked 'American Beauty' and came out whistling a happy tune, you will love this one.

2. Posted by Piecar (Travel Guru 924 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I saw Benjamin Button the other day. A truly uninspired movie with one main gimmick that is visually interesting for a while, but ultimately not used very effectively. I refer of course to Brad Pitt´s cheekbones......kidding, it´s the aging thing.

It´s really, at it´s heart, a low rent Forrest Gump, with reverse aging standing in for being a moron. But whereas Forrest was a pro active dude, Benjamin just mopes through life watching stuff and looking soulful and pensive. If you took away the main gimmick, this movie would have gone straight to video. Also, the chemistry between Pitt and Blanchett is non existent, and she seems like she´s trying to be in another movie. At two and a half hours, I would have expected at least one major event in Button´s life, but even when he is called to war in WWII he is just the observer to other´s actions and aspirations. In the entire movie, he has none of his own.

In short.... >Meh.


3. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

We rented Young at Heart yesterday (always meant to see it in the cinema, but never made it). It's about a group of seniors in New England who form a chorus and put on show and tour the world--but they sing songs from The Ramones, Coldplay, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, you name it. It was an absolutely excellent film--those are some happy seniors who've found the fountain of youth.

There are a few videos they shot interspersed with the documentary, especially The Ramones I Wanna Be Sedated, that are just so lovely. Lots of thumbs up!