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Any rtw advise???

Travel Forums Introductions Any rtw advise???

1. Posted by Kristie79 (Full Member 225 posts) 12y


My name is Kristie and I'm new to all this!!!
Me and my boyfriend are planning our trip for early next year, we are selling up, quitting our jobs and going bush! (so to speak)!
We plan to do India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonisia, Austrailia, Nz, Fiji, Peru and be away for roughly a year.
How much money do you think will be enough?? We hope to have about £8000 each, is this just being ridiculous? I have no idea! I know some places are cheaper than others but have heard that Austrailia can be on the expensive side.
Any advise will be helpful



2. Posted by julieoz (Full Member 95 posts) 12y

8000 pounds is alot! I am from Australia and going around the world for a year with 10,000 australian US dollars and will be working a bit too

also, if you are from england, australia will be cheaper than England, im hearing about how expensive England is, not the other way around!!!!!!!!!!!


3. Posted by zachary (Respected Member 471 posts) 12y

hola, to be honest 8000 apeice sounds a bit skimpy to me, unless you rough it quite a bit ;)

4. Posted by fox1977 (Full Member 54 posts) 12y

just got back from australia and i was really suprised at how cheap it was there.

From what i can gather most of south east asia is pretty cheap as well.

Should have no problems.

ps if u want to get rid of some of that cash u can always send it to me ;)

5. Posted by Kristie79 (Full Member 225 posts) 12y

Cheers for that Foxy, I'll bear you in mind if I have any spendo left!!!!!