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What is the best site to search for an apartment in France?

Travel Forums Europe What is the best site to search for an apartment in France?

1. Posted by BlankFrack (Respected Member 280 posts) 8y

I'm trying to move to France for a short period (3 months) as part of a language training course* I'm part of. I was just wondering what the best website is to search for short term rental properties? For instance, I live in Glasgow and I'd use if I were looking for a new apartment, so I'm just wondering what the French equivalent would be.

What I'm not interested in are holiday homes (it's quite hard to find something that isn't aimed at tourists it seems) or language schools. I'd just like to rent an apartment via the website/route an everyday French citizen would use. Any help would be appreciated!


  • It isn't a course as such, it's a grant as part of a research project to learn French so I can carry out some of the fieldwork.

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2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1831 posts) 8y

Companies letting apartments in Paris will have them in a number of languages for people coming from other countries. Typing: paris apartment rentals into a search engine will get you a number of French companies.

You could try searching via in French but you are only going to get the same companies (ie: almost all letting apartments in Paris will be French companies) and you're only making it awkward for yourself.

Ideally you want an apartment near a metro or train station. Many, many thousands travel into Paris daily, and it will be cheaper to get a place outside Paris. My nearest station is Rouen and many travel the 65-80 minute journey each day from there to Paris (about 20 euros each way). My American cousin did a term at the university in Rouen to brush up on her French, staying with a family there.

3. Posted by BlankFrack (Respected Member 280 posts) 8y

I've already searched google and found a number of sites, but my question was really which one a French poster, or someone who rents in France would use to find apartments. There are loads of websites which cover rentals where I live, for instance, but I know from personal experience that most of them are slow to update or have limited cover.

Thanks for the information about Paris though, my budget definitely doesn't stretch to a nice apartment in Paris, so I'll be looking at places like Rouen.