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1. Posted by colinmc (Full Member 129 posts) 7y

colinmc has indicated that this thread is about Thailand


im traveling to bangkok on the 2nd of march arriving the 3rd, and mt plan was 2 have 4/5 nyt accommodation already bookd, but wen i try to book online it asks me for a credit card.....i dont have 1!!! i was going to use a family members card but then i read that u must provide the card u have bookd with when there no way to book with my debit card...



2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5845 posts) 7y

Hi Colin, what kind of debit card do you have? On Travellerspoint at least, some debit cards will work for certain properties - but it is dependent on the specific property and what they have opted in to allow.

3. Posted by colinmc (Full Member 129 posts) 7y

hey thanks for the replay, i have a maestro, which i thought would be fine as it seemes 2be a fairly accepted card in thailand....

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5845 posts) 7y

A UK Maestro card can be ok for certain properties. Like I said, it all depends on the property though, so it's a bit of a pain. And unfortunately you don't get that information until you hit the actual checkout page.

I just had a quick look over a few hostels and these accept Maestro UK

Not sure if it was hostels you were after, but these are some of the top rated ones in Bangkok, so not bad choices.

5. Posted by colinmc (Full Member 129 posts) 7y

thats great thanks, altho its more a hotel im looking for near khao did u find thos places


6. Posted by Peter (Admin 5845 posts) 7y

I just clicked through to the booking page on a bunch of them :) Let me see, near Khao San.. it's a little tricky - most of the properties in Bangkok aren't geotagged. But a few say they are on / near Khao San in their descriptions. Like Buddy Lodge. It's a hotel , but it also can be booked with Maestro UK.

To find out for other places you might be interested in, just do an availability search and then click the Book Now button - you will the Maestro icon show up in the card options area.

7. Posted by colinmc (Full Member 129 posts) 7y

thanks very much for the help i found the buddy lodge 1, which is acctuly the place i was wanting to stay....

cheers for the help