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1. Posted by lazkaotxik (Budding Member 9 posts) 7y

Hi to everyone!!

The thing is that im going to arrive to singapur 4 april and leavy for singapur 25, i know its not much time but well its all that i have. Im want to go to mulu to see the caves and that stuff and dont really know if its worth but i want to go, anyone knows how many days i need to be there to enjoy the place?
And apart of that i dont really have many ideas, i would like to do some snorkelling and jungle trekking and all this tipical thing (its not really original but well ejejej)
I would love if some would suggest me places that i shouldnt miss or places that i can go. even is borneo or flying to another island except bali i guess i not going in honeymoon.
SOme places backpackers to stay in the beach with cheap acommodation not really this big resorts.
Thanks for everything.

im not really good writing but i hope its understable what i wrote.

2. Posted by pPamela (Full Member 158 posts) 7y

You could fly from Singapore to Medan in North Sumatra, though the air fares are quite expensive with SilkAir.
From Medan you could head to Bukit Lawang to see the jungle and orangutans.
Or you could fly to Banda Aceh and go over to Pulau Weh and snorkle and do junlge treks but no orangutans.
Check out this diving site for Pulau Weh all the relevant information about getting there, visas etc.

3. Posted by pPamela (Full Member 158 posts) 7y

Here is the link to an excellent report from a traveller to Pulau Weh in April 2008.
Might give you a feeling for the place to help with your decision.

4. Posted by lazkaotxik (Budding Member 9 posts) 7y

Thank You for the answer.
I was looking in borneo but i think that palau part looks very insteresting. really interesting report.

5. Posted by pPamela (Full Member 158 posts) 7y

Sorry I cannot help you with Borneo information as I have not been there.
But I have been to Pulau Weh, spent 3 days there in November 2006 as part of my 5.5 month trip around Indonesia.
Fantastic place- very natural esp if you stay in Iboih. I snorkled for the first time there, loved it.