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Anyone got any sight impaired freinds?

Travel Forums Off Topic Anyone got any sight impaired freinds?

1. Posted by TLWH (Travel Guru 516 posts) 8y


Thought I'd throw this one out to the TP community. I just created a sight impaired version of my blog that's created here on TP. I used to work with kids with disabilities in Africa and wanted to create something that was more accessible in addition to the current ones for people with reading difficulties sight impairments etc.

I came up with a high contrast B&W image free version, with auto audio podcasts for listening live or downloading.

I sent out some mails to a few bloggers but didn't hear much back.

Maybe I did a bad job Or maybe there's no sight impaired readers/listeners out there.

Anyways, if anyone has any sight impaired friends it would be interesting to get some feedback before I send out some links to the folks I know. They'll need javascript enabled for any screen reader software they are using.

Here's the link

And thanks for any help / advise etc,.


2. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 8y

Hi Dave,

I know a couple of people who might be interested in checking it out. I'll pass on the link. :)

3. Posted by TLWH (Travel Guru 516 posts) 8y

Hi samsara2,

Many thanks for that, much appreciated :)