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1. Posted by tleb (Full Member 117 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I forget if this was at teh Tollygunge or the Royal Calcutta (mostly cause it was a few years ago, and I went a couple times to each so they have sort of melted together in my memory). I was waiting while the group ahead of us teed off. I was also waiting for my caddie (that is a whole different story, but if it ever comes up, it is called Ganja in India), so I had my clubs slung over my shoulder. My aunt pointed to a large Orangutan that was lying on its back on the top of a stone picnic table. It was spread eagle with it's arms hanging off the sides and it's head lolled half way off the table.

Being an 18 year old and being caught up in the magic of India (not to mention the surrealism of everything from the servants to the way I saw my uncle treated by everyone including police) I was not thinking clearly, and in hind-sight was probably feeling like nothing could hurt me. I decided to go in for a closer look, only slightly aware that everyone else seemed to be taking a rather wide berth around this mellow looking fellow.

When I got about 15 ft away it turned it's head and locked its eyes on me. I knew then by the sudden stillness of it's body and head that I had made a mistake. I remember having what felt like a few seconds of paniced thoughts about what little knowledge I had on wild animals: are big-ass monkeys like felines or canines? will it chase me if I run? Is it like a bear? Should I shout and wave my arms? I didn't have time to figure anything out be cause it twisted its body and flew off the table at me.

Between that moment and the moment I came back to myself (I was about 200 metres from where I started, and was now behind the clubhouse being stared at by a few suprised Indian men having a smoke) I have no recollection. My aunt joyfully repeats about my speedy sprint and soprano screams. At these times I pretend ot only half believe her.

After I had a few seconds behind the clubhouse to make sure I was in one piece and hadn't wet myself I went back around to see if anyone had noticed. All the expats were openly busting their guts, while the Indians politley pretended not to.

The damn monkey had also thrown my golf bag (which I apparently dropped, but don't remember) and the clubs had all fallen out. No one, including myself was willing to go pick them up from so near the spazz-case orangutan. So I played with an Italian guys clubs (with the promise I would leave all wild life alone while I had them).

By the time we were done the first nine, the picnic table was vacant, and my clubs were neatly in the bag propped up next to the table.

Sorry about the wall of words. I intedned to be short.

2. Posted by aireek (Budding Member 15 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I was working on a golf coarse in Cairns, Aus and one of our jobs was to follow the supervisor who was driving a tractor with a trailer and pick up all the dead palm frawns that had fallen off the trees. I had been warned about creatures lingering underneath and I was fully aware of the abundance of green ants on the frawns but I couldnt refuse to work. My biggest fear in Australia were the spiders yet in the 11 months I spent there, the only big ones I saw were a couple golden orbs that I could calmly walk up to.

Anyway. Have you ever expected something and been surprised with something completely different? (ex. a drink with what you think is iced tea that turns out to be coke.... or. a bottle of water at the side of the bed in the morning that turns out to be vodka.. or gin)

This feeling comes with every surprise and after nervously lifting palm frawns all day, I lifted (with both hands and arms) a pile of frawns and underneith was a fucking brown snake. It wasnt small either and it didnt really seem happy to see me OR seem scared enough to slither away.

One of those moments that you dont really analyse until after the fact.

Pretty scary moment but definitely (as stated above) a great story to tell the grandkids!

One piece of advice for anyone in the same (or similar) position as I was: Kick the frawns or poke them with a stick before you reach down and bear hug a massive handful!

3. Posted by baluba (Respected Member 407 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I was visiting a lion breeding programme in Zimbabwe a couple of years ago and had joined a group which were taking some young lions out to practice their hunting skills one night. The group had not eaten for ten days so were pretty hungry but also lazy. After several unsuccessful chases our open .landrover got stuck in some bracken. The guards which were only armed with sticks (remarkably effective though) were busy watching the group on our left whilst we waited for assistance, but one had sneaked around to the right and was eying up my legs. I quietly asked for someone to pass me a stick with which to ward it off, but no one heard, I tried again with a bit more urgency in my voice but still nothing. As the 18 month old large lion assumed the pounce position, that was it...I shouted 'Someone give me an effing stick!'. The guard dived accross the landrover and delivered a sharp rap to the lions nose, but it still took several attempts to get him away from me. It didn't end there either, we then had to walk in two's from our vehicle to the replacement, surrounded by a group of very hungry lions.
It was a pretty scary experience but I was more pissed off that the poor lion had received a whack to the nose!