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Visiting Kenyan tribes

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1. Posted by Melorious (Budding Member 22 posts) 7y

hey, does anyone know if there are any tours or means to visit the kenyan tribes from mombasa safely, thank you

2. Posted by zaksame (Respected Member 571 posts) 7y

Hi Melorious,
I'm guessing by tribes you mean the thatched huts and rural life of the people there?
I see from your other post that you're staying in Mombassa for a while, so if my recollections are correct your hotel will organise this and lots of other things that will drain you wallet for you.
While you're on Safari you will probably get to meet the 'tribes' living on the safari park, depends on where you're going on Safari though.
Every Kenyan comes from a tribe so when you say the tribes you're really talking about the whole population from the President to the guy sweeping up outside your hotel.
If you could be more specific about what you'd 'really' like to see I'll do my best to give some more helpful advice.

3. Posted by Melorious (Budding Member 22 posts) 7y

Yeah re-reading it does sound a bit colonial of me, sorry is there any way of seeing the more traditional lifetsyles of some of the tribes, obviously the impact of tourism is going to be unavoidable but it would be nice to see some of the local people still living in the semi nomadic lifestyle with perhaps a tour from one of the tribesmen explaining whats what around the village, if we could spend the night in the village as well then that would be wonderful.

4. Posted by zaksame (Respected Member 571 posts) 7y

Hi again Melorius,
I didn't mean to sound sanctimonious with my reply, just looking for clarification, sorry if you thought I was a little boorish.... (I've never used that word before in a real sentence).

Anyway, I've been travelling to Kenya a bit and I realise that lots of people want to experience the lives of people living as they do without external factors influencing their behaviour. Unfortunately when money and tourism comes into the equatioon things do get changed and people do behave differently.
But, to answer your question in a sort of way... maybe not everyone will agree with this but works for me... I've fround that if I'm honest with a local I make contact with - either a hotel worker, or an aquaintance etc., - and put my request directly to them they always seem to know someone who would be willing to act as an authentic guide and maybe even bring you to the places you wouldn't normally get to see.
I now work with a charity in the remote bush so that was my way around it, everyone's a winner I think, I get to help and in return I get to see a differnt side of Kenya.

Besides that, if you're in Nairobi you can go visit the 'Boma's of Kenya', a kind of unsophisticated theme park where the homes of the various tribes are replicated along with tradional dances (by a troupe of professional dancers is must be noted), food, culuture and many other aspects of native life. It's a good, if somewhat untidy introduction to the various tribal cultures. I'm sure if you visit the 'Bomas' and ask if it's possible to do as you've requested somebody will be able to oblige, for a fee of course.

I hope I don't sound too synical but if you're willing to pay you can get pretty much what you want in Kenya, or anywhere come to think of it... You can take my advice of leave it but I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time among wonderful people in a truly amazing country. One last thing, have a think, do you really need to spend so much time at the coast?

Have a good journey.

5. Posted by africhoice (Inactive 10 posts) 7y

Sure there are a lot of means,you can book a safari to maasai mara,kikuyu land,to kamba land,i mean the only 2 tribes that has retained its culture is the masai samburu and pokot,so you can visit samburu and masai mara.

6. Posted by zaksame (Respected Member 571 posts) 7y

I'm not sure what you mean by the Maasai, Samburu and Pokot being the only ones to retain their culture?
Have I been wasting my time learning Kikamba?

7. Posted by Melorious (Budding Member 22 posts) 7y

africhoice, do you mean that they are they only two tribes who still have people that live in the same or similar lifestyle to what they traditionally lived as?

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9. Posted by africhoice (Inactive 10 posts) 7y

I meant,nomadic tribes since they are the ones who have become an attraction to many,it is true when someone speaks of tribe they are everywhere,but many have a choice of nomadic tribes,who have still retained their traditional visiting the manyattas and experiencing their cultures.;)

10. Posted by Melorious (Budding Member 22 posts) 7y

I was never expecting this many replies, cheers everyone. I will defo visit an african tribe have found some good websites and the like from people on this forum and yahoo, I also have another question, does anyone know of a coach or bus that goes from mombasa to the Gede ruins?