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Travel plans during the recession?

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31. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 7y

Quoting Calcruzer

Okay, enough "pity" for myself--now is the time to get moving and go get another job.

Bad news, man. Best of luck in the hunt. I spent most of 2008 looking for work - from April until January '09. Hopefully you have better luck.


32. Posted by kkool (Budding Member 34 posts) 7y

Quoting GregW

Quoting Calcruzer

Okay, enough "pity" for myself--now is the time to get moving and go get another job.

Bad news, man. Best of luck in the hunt. I spent most of 2008 looking for work - from April until January '09. Hopefully you have better luck.



Sorry to hear that. It is very disheartning when one hears these things.

I was out of work as well when our client (hardest hit bank in UK) decided to dispense of my then organisation's services.

I got back from my wedding abroad when i found out that i had no job!

It was a very sad 2 months waiting period for me then!

33. Posted by jadeverell (Respected Member 255 posts) 7y

Hi All,

Some very interesting posts in here.

My situation is..... I am currently in Sydney, half way on my RTW trip. I am travelling with my girlfriend and we are due to return to the UK around sept/oct time. After speaking to all my friends and family back in England, they have made it clear that it would be a mistake to come home and if we have the funds to stay longer we should do. I have landed myself a pretty good job which is allowing me to save quite a bit of money for our future travels around Asia etc.

For some strange reason my girlfriend is quite keen to return to the UK, as she is missing family and familiar surroundings, myself on the other hand is quite open to the idea of staying away from the recession (the UK) and using our savings to travel Asia for an extra year or so.

It is starting to drive a wedge between us both, as i am taking the advice of my friends and more importantly my old man, who is on the verge of losing his job (finance Manager) within a large financial services company. But my girlfriend is adamant she wants to go home and cant see the bigger picture!! For the sake of an extra 10-12 months of living on beaches around asia, i can't understand why she wouldn't want to avoid the recession and live ‘Care free’ for a year. We both use to work in the banking sector, so going back into a similar role is no doubt going to be pretty impossible and we dont have 20% to put down on a deposit for a house. So all the things we want, aren’t going to happen for us. I think she is just scared that our lives are being put on hold for another year if we stay abroad, but surely its better than being miserable back home and having to watch every penny we spend......

I have some tough decisions to make!!

Has anyone else had a similar situation?


P.S. If the reccession hadn't had hit and we were non the wiser to the financial melt down, i would have happily returned back to the UK to start my little life.

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34. Posted by john7buck (Respected Member 458 posts) 7y

Oddly, the current economic situation has resulted in me travelling more (or at least living abroad longer). I recently finished what was intended to be one year teaching English in South Korea. I finished up, traveled for 2 months then headed home. I only had to watch the news for about a week before I decided that trying to find a job back home (USA) was not going to be a fun prospect. So, instead of firing off my resume to American companies, I sent it back over to some Korean schools and now I'm back for another year. Now, if I can only get the Korean won to stop dropping like a stone, I'll be in business. Either way, I have a pretty easy job and have no trouble saving money (albeit worth half of what it was a year ago). I'm hoping things get better over the next year, but if not, I could see riding this out for awhile as a teacher in SK.

35. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1992 posts) 7y

Hey, John7Buck--thanks for bringing this thread back where it belongs--on the positives about travelling.

Thanks, everyone for the good thoughts, but let's talk about the positives.

We will all be able to do some more travelling soon--and look at how people from all over the world joined together in good thoughts for one another just now in this travel forum--this shows how the positives of travel are not just the scenery or the history, but also the advantages of getting to know other people and share their joys and interesting lives.

So, let's not let these economic problems get us down--instead let's figure out how to get out there and see the world and share our own parts of the world, even if we do have just a bit less money than we did before.

36. Posted by fierres (Inactive 30 posts) 7y

i have cancelled my travel plan

37. Posted by kkool (Budding Member 34 posts) 7y

Travelling is definately a positive as there are many advantages to.

My wife and I are still going on our South American tour this summer. It has been paid for so we'll just go and get away from ''it all'' for 2 weeks.

38. Posted by LoreleiLee (Budding Member 70 posts) 7y

Im going ahead as normal, I dont think I could cope here much longer everything is so depressing!:(

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