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Start May1st - Thailand - Oz - NZ - Figi - Canada

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1. Posted by Charlv (Budding Member 8 posts) 7y

Hey, I'm travelling on my own hopefully from 1st May starting in Thailand. I haven't booked flights yet but would love some info on the best company to book with. I'm 29 and have to honest i'm really nervous about going on my own but its something i've always wanted to do and now i have the opportunity to do it i'd regret it big time if i don't just go for it!! It would be nice to catch up with people that are looking at doing the same/similar route as me. I'm planning on going for around 15 weeks. Also any info that anyone has about travelling alone would be great....oh and recommended injections??. Cheers Charl x

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2. Posted by Lucy127 (Budding Member 14 posts) 7y


Have you booked anything yet? I'm doing a similar trip going at the end of June possibly the 28th from Heathrow. I'm on my own as well and i'm scared to death but exicted at the same time, everybody says you meet loads of people so it must be true.

Although i was thinking of book a weeks trip in Bangkok where they pick you up from the aiport and spend 2 days in Bangkok then go down to Ko Paghan so i'd meet people right away here hopefully?


3. Posted by Charlv (Budding Member 8 posts) 7y

Hey Lucy, no i haven't booked anything yet, hoping to go and do it this weekend!! I am so nervous about going on my own but i know i have to do it!! I am thinking of doing the same as you, it's called Thaintro, i've had a look at the website and i'm thinking it would be a good safe way to start off my trip. Also, like you said, hopefully will meet people on the intro course. Have you looked into what jabs you need to have etc? I have also been advised to go to Laos whilst i'm in Thailand so thinking about doing that. Have you booked anything yet? I really need to get a move on as i only have 9 weeks until i'm planning on going!! Charl xx