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Venezuela - Cost per day?

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Venezuela - Cost per day?

1. Posted by TravlBug88 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hi! My boyfriend and I are thinking about visiting Venezuela this May for 3 weeks. We are wondering what the average cost per day is, as well as safety and things to do and see. Any help is greatly appreciated :)

2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1839 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Accommodation is fairly cheap in Venezuela but often fairly basic. Food was cheap but OK. Transport is fairly cheap but taxis are expensive. Costs depend on what you want out of your holiday, where you stay, and of course how much travel you do.

I booked a trip to Margarita island which was very cheap. I fancied a trip to Angel Falls but that was too expensive.

I read of armed gangs robbing people on the streets of Caracas which had me worried the whole trip but I had no trouble and saw no trouble. Petty theft as in pick-pockets are a problem. I saw one caught.
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3. Posted by way2goeh (Full Member 159 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I agree with the post above in general. If you exchange your money at the bank, then it feels like Beverly Hills seems cheap. The current exchange rate is US$1=2,15. With the black market, its 5,75. Thats double your money. So it doesnt seem so bad after all. Just for you to understand some of the prices, Pizza Hut pizza (meduim) is 40 dollars. Yeah, thats expensive, but with black market, then its a tad more expensive than the states. Food is expensive in Venezula in general anyway. Tomatos per kilo is about 4 dollars. Meat, in the supermarket is almost non-existent except chicken and fish. Coke, bread and the essentials seem to be equal to the states. Non american restaurants are cheaper than Mcdonalds or Toma Romas etc. Chinese food, surprisingly, is quite cheap. I ate chinese food in Juan Griego on Margarita Island and two big main dishes for about 5 dollars, now thats cheap!! Hotels in Caracas are EXPENSIVE. If the hotel says its a 4 star, its really a 2. Minus 2 stars for the ratings. ANd basic, oh yeah. Taxis in caracas is about 60 dollars to the centre, but safety comes first, so pay for the expensive SUV taxis. DONT take cheap, old taxis unless u like guns and knives. The buses and metro is quite cheap. The metro costs about 25 cents for their 2 train lines. The buses are around a 50 cents and I hope you like samba music b/c its played loud and continous on the bus ( at first was cool but then it becomes irritating). Oh, taxis on Margarita Island, no matter the condition of the taxis are safe and I found cheaper also. Dont worry about it there.

As for safety, Caracas isnt safe. I had no problems but people say alot of things. Taxis is the big issue. Both Caracas and Porlamar you must play it safe. Dont look like a foreigner!!

Like I said, Caracas is expensive. Margarita Island, which I absolutely loved is reasonably priced. And the beaches there were fantastic. Rentals cars are bloody expensive but the gas is practically free!!!!!!! So if your driving many kms, then get the car. FLying to Porlamar is about 100 dollars. THe bus and ferry, which was nice to there but 1 hour compared to 10 hours on bus...................... Going to ANgels falls, is VERY expensive (400 dollars for one night including airfare). no buses or trains to there. Merida, is very cheap (longest gondola in the world) but its 660kms from Caracas. They have the best ice cream in the world (stay away from hamburger ice cream). They have flavours that, well, you would never think of, nor Its a very large mountain city and beautiful. One of the places I didnt get to because its also expensive is Los Roques. Ask anyone who has been there and they will tell you its overpriced. But the pictures you come home with is priceless. The water is aqua blue and crystal white sandy beaches. I wish I went there but maybe next time ( 300 to fly, hotels are 100 dollars a day including food and transportation to other islands) or 200 dollars for 8 hours including flying, food and island trip). A much cheaper way to go is go to Isla Coche. From the ferry terminal on Margarita Island, the ferry is about 5 dollars each r/t, Yeah, its a cheap way to go. They have tours from the your hotel but it costs about 40 dollars. and there are some fantastic beaches on this island, the farther away you go, the more alone you'll be and the taxi will come and pick u up before the ferry leaves ( they do this b/c they know you'll pay and they want money) and its safe and they are dependable. As for Caracas, theres no reason to stay there. Its dirty and well, dirty. The teleferico (gondola) is a must in Caracas though!!!!!!!

Lastly, I mentioned the black market. Double your money in return. SOme people, like myself was either scared or worried about getting ripped off. As soon as I got into the airport where the taxis guys beg for you, the guys are everywhere (and usualy they are the taxi guys). They change the money INSDE the airport so safety isnt an issue. I had absolutely no problem at all. The better rate is on Margarita Island. Ask your hotel and they will help you. But change your money at the airport to get where your going (especially if you need car). DOnt prepay on net. Obviously its 1/2 the price with the black market. You must pay your hotel or tours either in dollars or CC b/c they have a different rate for bolivars. They know they can use the black market themselves. But food, gas, souveniers and everything else, its bolivars.

I hope you enjoy your trip as I certainly did. Any questions, feel free to ask.

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