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1. Posted by Conflax (Budding Member 22 posts) 8y

Hi there,

We are looking to travel in Tanzania for a few days en-route from Cape Town to Zanzibar. Does anyone know how we can travel around the serengeti?

We like to travel independently as much as possible - can we just hire a car in, say, Arusha and drive to the lodges in the serengeti plains or do you have to go with a tour operator?


2. Posted by safari360 (Budding Member 5 posts) 7y

You can hire a car on self drive basis and drive to the park but this is not advisable unless you know the area around Serengeti really well.
The best option is to hire a car with a driver who will double as your guide. So you don't really need a tour operator.

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4. Posted by makka (Respected Member 248 posts) 7y

While this is remotely active i will use it to ask the questions:

Is Kilimanjaro climbable all year round?

if not ior even if so ...

What are the best times to climb with reagrds to weather/views and general conditions?

Thanks :)

5. Posted by Kamwari (Inactive 5 posts) 7y


Kilimanjaro is doable all along the year
But its just not recomended during rain season thats April, May and much little june

Fortunately the rates for the climbing are not seasonal and here is where they range

2 Pax = 1,300$
3 – 5 Pax = 1,180$
6 Pax & Above = 1060$
2 – 5 Pax = 910$
6 Pax = 860$

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