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U.S. to Europe with unpaid ticket?

Travel Forums Europe U.S. to Europe with unpaid ticket?

1. Posted by adam3809 (Budding Member, 47 posts) 10 Mar '09 08:33


I am a U.S. citizen and while I was visiting Canada two years ago I recieved a traffic ticket for having a radar detector in my car. I never paid the ticket because I am a poor college student and did not think I was going to go back to Canada. Now I plan on going to Europe this summer. The unpaid ticket probably turned into a warrant for my arrest. So if I fly from the U.S. to Germany will this unpaid ticket affect me travelling internationally? My biggest fear is they will not let me on the plane or when I arrive in Germany they say I can't enter their country due to this ticket or perhaps warrant.

2. Posted by way2goeh (Full Member, 159 posts) 10 Mar '09 13:30

Im not one hundred percent sure, but its not like you killed someone. I got a unpaid parking ticket in vancouver and returned a year later and as I was in a park, i remembered about that ticket. I still never paid it, but dont fret. Its a minor ticket, trust me