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21. Posted by wildfk (Respected Member 459 posts) 7y

"Environmental/Eco fanatics"

the conclusions I have come to are derived solely from the posters own words - the above comment only serves to re-enforce that view.

22. Posted by wildfk (Respected Member 459 posts) 7y

"Very unstable?"

and NOT vast!

I’ve been here longer than a month and my experience is quite different – it appears you are referring to transport services alone rather than the infrastructure –

Nevertheless - The railways in Thailand actually only cover a very limited part of the country.
The bus services, whilst regulated by govt are privately owned which results in appalling cost cutting and safety abuse.

The roads are mostly new (post war) but built under the restrictions of bribery, payouts and nepotism – the results are that many roads are damaged very quickly and often in disrepair. The engineering and design is simply not there at all in most cases – hence part of the reasons for the high death toll on Thai roads.

I’m sure there are plenty of countries where the infrastructure is worse, but that does not make Thailand’s any better.

The main form of transport in Thailand used to be the waterways, which have largely fallen into disuse.

As for other aspects of infrastructure - drainage, sewerage, electricity and other communications, they are “built on sand” as it were and can prove equally unreliable.

23. Posted by 7055 (Budding Member 28 posts) 7y

As I said, compared to Northern Europe or Australia, you could probably take issue with Thailand's infrastructure. But overall its far from third world and as far as countries go, its a relatively small country and easy to travel around as a tourist. It's simply disingenuous to say its 'unstable', since the OP is obviously interested in whether he should take a very expensive tour or would he be able to do it alone. In which case, I think he would experience no problems. Its stable enough to travel around the country without great ordeal, discomfort or risk from militant groups etc.

24. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1687 posts) 7y

Quoting wildfk

"Environmental/Eco fanatics"

the conclusions I have come to are derived solely from the posters own words - the above comment only serves to re-enforce that view.

Sometimes you just have to accept what you cannot change and simply move on with your life!

25. Posted by wildfk (Respected Member 459 posts) 7y

right - and then curl up and die.

26. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 7y

Murph - it's certainly easy enough to do it by yourself, many of us have travelled around Thailand without a tour and found it a rewarding place to travel. It is certainly well geared up for independent travellers. Travelling with a tour group will mean that you automatically get hooked up with a group of people, but it also means that you're stuck with them if you don't like them.

From what I understand, Wil is saying that as responsible tourists/travellers we should do the appropriate amount of research, both on local environmental issues and on the records of tour companies, before using them. I thoroughly support this. Karazyal also makes a point that there's a risk that tour companies just stick the word 'eco' in front of a tour, for marketing purposes. I'm sure this is true too.

Regarding a tour specifically with Intrepid, they appear to have a very comprehensive and well thought out ethical policy - that's a sign surely that they are at least paying some attention to what goes on on their tours, and whilst I personally don't prefer this style of travel if I did I would feel comfortable booking with them.

27. Posted by wildfk (Respected Member 459 posts) 7y

I'm sorry but I've said several times in several forums that tour operators slap words like "eco-" "green" and "nature" in front of behind and all over the place - but in Thailand you have to take this with a pinch of salt - it means nothing 99% of the time. The Thai tourist industry is lagging way behind on these issues and still exploiting natural resources in an unregulated and unsustainable way.