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newbie.....American living in Panama

Travel Forums Introductions newbie.....American living in Panama

1. Posted by zachary (Respected Member 471 posts) 12y

Hola, i am from the USA and i have travelled across the world for years but now i've settled into a 1 year lease here in Panama City, Panama. I absolutely love this city & love to travel......that is why I am here :)

hope to meet some new friends!

2. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 12y

Welcome aboard.

Can I crash on your couch when I come to Panama? Just kidding.

3. Posted by zachary (Respected Member 471 posts) 12y

hola Greg & thx for the welcome, you do the "crashing on couches" thing lol, i used to do that for a while, half time staying couple days with friends, other half in hotels, dont matter as long as you keep moving lol

btw, in my title i meant "newbie....US guy living in panama" since this is America too!!!! ;)

4. Posted by AndrewGW (Full Member 42 posts) 12y

Hi Zachary,
Welcome to Panama.
Like they say, it's one of those places "Came for a visit and ended up staying"...
We've been here 7 years and now settled in to society here and love it...
Saw you had probs with your passport - if you haven't got it sorted on Monday PM me as I have a couple of good contacts at the Embassy.


5. Posted by zachary (Respected Member 471 posts) 12y

Andrew, yea i love this place too, i plan on coming back here on January 10th for quite some time. I will apply for Visa and all that good stuff.

and yea i finally got in touch with someone from the citizen services who seems to be helping me get a temp passport, i find out monday if i can fly back to the states. thanks for your offer of help, i REALLY do appreciate it :)

have a nice weekend and hope to speak to you some other days ;)

6. Posted by kikay (Budding Member 37 posts) 12y

hi zachary!

welcome to travellerspoint.

ooh, am jealous! i've always wanted to go to panama! what's it like over there? can you already speak spanish?

7. Posted by zachary (Respected Member 471 posts) 12y

kikay, haha no yo no habla espanol, only un puquito right ahora ;)

i'm learning, well trying to learn :)

should visit here someday, city is pretty dirty but nightlife is great, food is great, and in a whole i love this place

8. Posted by kikay (Budding Member 37 posts) 12y


ah, si, me encanta muchisimo espaƱol. :) sounds like a great place! can't wait to go there.

9. Posted by phoenix11 (Budding Member 6 posts) 12y

Hola Zachary! Bienvenido!! Diviertete in Panama!! I bet it's an awesome place to live!

10. Posted by zachary (Respected Member 471 posts) 12y

yea, VERY awesome there, (i'm back visiting the family in the US now), cant wait to get back there!!!