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Middle East Itineraries?

Travel Forums Africa and The Middle East Middle East Itineraries?

1. Posted by bertles86 (Inactive 108 posts) 7y

Could anyone point me in the direction of some sites or resources that can help me work out some rough itineraries for backpacking through the middle east? I'm just trying to work out how many days roughly to spend in each country! Macedonia - Egypt is what I'm looking at, (Mac-Bul-Tur-Syr-Leb-Syr-Jor-Egy).

Cheers for any help!

2. Posted by bertles86 (Inactive 108 posts) 7y

Well I've found Turkey Travel Planner, which is a great site. Does anyone know of similar ones for Syria/Jordan/Lebanon/Egypt?

3. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 7y

Lonely Planet - check the online country guides (see under "Destinations") as well as the free introduction chapters of the downloadable country guidebooks (pdf-files, see under "Shop").

Other sites:

None are as good as Turkey Travel Planner though. LookLex is great for travelling in North Africa btw, if you ever decide to hit Tunisia or get a chance to go to Lybia this site should be your first stop for information.

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5. Posted by bertles86 (Inactive 108 posts) 7y

Cheers people, I'll check all those out!

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