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1. Posted by hayanna (Full Member, 46 posts) 21 Oct '04 19:23

Hi Guyz...

Just wondering what had happened to our KL TP Members..
so news, no thread, nothing....:(

Last time we had a gathering was 15th of August..
thought wanted to have it regulary, at least once every two months..

Jay.... where r uuuuuu

anyone interested in another gathering??

2. Posted by Peter (Admin, 5465 posts) 21 Oct '04 19:30

Hey Hayanna,

Jay was here in Melbourne last weekend - we had a little get-together of our own :)

Cheers, Peter

3. Posted by Kea (Budding Member, 5 posts) 21 Oct '04 19:34

Hi there

I arrive in Singapore on 5 February for a five month trip - if you plan another TP get-together before July somewhere in Asia, I'd love to meet up with some fellow travellers!


4. Posted by hayanna (Full Member, 46 posts) 21 Oct '04 19:48

Hi Peter,

well..didn't know Jay was there!!!
how was get together?
any pics?

5. Posted by Hien (Moderator, 3906 posts) 22 Oct '04 06:08

Wow... time really flies. The most recent TP gathering in Malaysia was in August, and it's already almost November.

I missed the gathering though. :(
Jay/Hayanna, any second Malaysian TP Get-together?


6. Posted by hayanna (Full Member, 46 posts) 7 Nov '04 16:45

HellOooOOo people...

no plans for this??????? :(

7. Posted by Hien (Moderator, 3906 posts) 7 Nov '04 17:46

Yeah, anybody??? :(

Now, where's Jay?
She's been missing in action for quite some time already. Still in Australia?
Come back, Jay, we need you here!


[ Edit: Added CRLF. ]

8. Posted by michellemm (Full Member, 109 posts) 10 Nov '04 11:19

My boyfriend and I were talking about a TP gathering some weeks ago...he had this idea:

Once a year (or more, I don't know), a person from one country offers himself (on TP) to host some travellers from TP in their home country (for a week or two) and can take them to nice places in the everytime is a different country...

That way u can go all over the country meeting new people and making friends...
So, for example, 4 or 5 people are coming to Brazil, then I can host them, (one from India, another from Sweden, US, Italy, etc..) So next time we can go to India, Sweden, US, Italy, etc....

What do you guys think??


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