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Schengen Visa - Do I need one??

Travel Forums Europe Schengen Visa - Do I need one??

1. Posted by ofthesea (Full Member 46 posts) 7y

Alright, so here is the story: In August, I am leaving for Europe, my main destination being Denmark, where I am going to do a course for 3 months. I am going to get a student visa for this, although I am not sure how long it will be for (I am guessing probably for the three months that I will be living there). Before this, I will be flying into Ireland for two weeks, then Scotland for two weeks. After Denmark, I intend to travel Europe for 5 to 6 months, my main destinations being Spain for a month, possibly Switzerland for a bit, and then the Balkan Peninsula (So Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, and Greece). Also, I am Canadian.

How can I work this with that 90 days in a 6 month period visa stuff? Is it possible to apply for and obtain a visa for longer than 90 days? How do all those people who travel Europe for a year or more DO it, visa-wise?

2. Posted by lavenlaar (Budding Member 46 posts) 7y

Hope this helps ... ssshheeessh

3. Posted by ofthesea (Full Member 46 posts) 7y

Yes, I have googled this, but I haven't found any information relating to whether you can extend your Schengen visa. :/ Also, many of the sites are just Schengen Visa application forms that you need to pay to download. There's no official Schengen website or anything, is there?

4. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 7y

Schengen tourist visa (more precisely in your case, visa waivors, because you don't require to apply for a tourist visa as a Canadian citizen) are for 90 days maximum. This period is non-extendable.

So, travelling for over 3 months is out of the question, unless a) part of that is outside the Schengen area, where different rules apply, or b) you apply for another visa type (which would typically be a 'D'-type visa). But, I don't give you much of a chance that such an application will be successful.

5. Posted by ofthesea (Full Member 46 posts) 7y

Ahh, curses. :/ I am thinking then of applying for a WHV in either Denmark (which will allow for 3 months studying and then 6 months working) or Scotland (for 6 or 7 months), because last time I travelled around Europe, I had an Irish WHV (and thus was an irish resident) so I didn't have any trouble with this schengen visa stuff. This would also give me the option of working in Scotland or Denmark for a bit, should I choose. Would this work, perhaps?

6. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 7y

Stupid; I forgot about the WHV option. Yes, afaics that should work, depending on whether these programmes include the permission to travel outside the issuing country. I thought in fact they normally do not, because Schengen agreements are very clear on this: no touristing for over 90 days, no matter what. Also, bear in mind that a WHV status does not give you rights equal to those of Scottish or Danish citizens!

Another thing: be careful with the Scotland option in conjunction with your Denmark plans, and check in advance whether you'll be able to combine the two. They could be mutually exclusive!

7. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 7y

Another thing: check your plans with the issuing authorities in the country where you intend to spend most of your time. There may be fine print: there may be clauses I or other people here don't know of; there may be possibilities that we don't know, either. Visa stuff is complicated, and the issuants are the only places to obtain definitive information from.

8. Posted by ofthesea (Full Member 46 posts) 7y

Yeah, I definitely asked a travel agent today, and she said that if I have a WHV (Now I am thinking of Germany... to practice my german!) I should be fine (the WHV, for Germany at least, allows for travel around the Schengen area). I'm definitely going to inquire as to whether I will be able to have both visas, though. They will be for different times (one for Sept->December, one for Jan->Jun), but I hope there is no rule against having visas for two different countries!

9. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 7y

Again: that depends on the visa type.

The common tourist visa (the waivor) is for the entire Schengen area. It is a C-type visa, that allows a stay of maximally 90 days in the Schengen area, and explicitly forbids the holder to work or study.

Other visa are usually referred to as D-type visa. They are issued by the member countries of the Schengen agreement. They can be for more than 90 days, but do not allow travel outside the issuing country (even though no-one will stop you from doing so, since the Schengen members have abolished most internal border controls in overland transport).

A third type of visa is the combined C+D visa, that allows the holder to travel within the Schengen area for maximally 90 consecutive days during, preceding or following residency in the issuing country. Note that the 90 days must be consecutive!

As far as I know, it is not possible to combine a longer stay and travelling around in any other way than the C+D visa described above. This is because both require that you arrive from outside the Schengen area, and that your last visit was more than 12 months ago. But I could be wrong here.

One more thing: if you're looking into staying in Germany, ask t_maia. She is more knowledgeable in visa matters than any other member here.

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10. Posted by ofthesea (Full Member 46 posts) 7y

I emailed T_Maia, thanks!

As for the visas, what you say makes sense. I guess my Irish visa was different because Ireland is not a Schengen country. :/ Augh, these visa matters are so complicated! And for the consecutive days for the C+D visa, I guess you have to stay in the schengen zone for those entire 90 days, right?