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London to Australia by bus!!

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1. Posted by barryod (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

hey folks am seriously considering the overland odessey adventure check out ever gone on something similar appreciate any comments ..........also would be kewl if anyone else was interested in going!!.....very easygoing, irishlad here!

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3. Posted by Taylor84 (Budding Member 49 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hey Irishlad

Im going for the Odyssey Overland trip in 2010, when you thinking about going? I found the best way to research the trip is the blogs on the website, really useful and trip looks amazing.

4. Posted by barryod (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

nobody been on it before ???

5. Posted by Liquid (Budding Member 17 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I have not been on it, but I came across this thread and my hair has been blown back. What an amazing trip. I will watch this thread closely to see if anyone has taken it. Maybe I'll see ya there, Taylor84.

6. Posted by Taylor84 (Budding Member 49 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Well thats me booked up now for the trip, got the welcome back sent to me yesterday, can't wait!
This years trip is on its way now to oz, so jealous!

7. Posted by zorrokass3 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I've just booked on it too! Can't wait :)

Oh and I've created a Facebook page so we can all get to know each other a bit before and organize stuff like hopefully not all take the same six books or LP guides!!!


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8. Posted by ktyldesley (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I'm booked on it too... I hear places are filling up fast so if you're thinking about it don't leave it too late.

8 months and counting.. can't wait!

9. Posted by fabyomama (Respected Member 560 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Dubious about the whole thread at first, but I suppose it's not much more than living in a city for the same amount of time. I personally prefer to move and do things under my own steam.

...which gives me an idea! If anyone fancies a ride from the UK to the Sea of Japan - (Vladivostok). Was going to do it last year - got the car ready (it's a lot better than it looks) but I didn't have the funds and ran out of time if I was going to miss the Siberian winter. Might still be inclined to go next year if a passenger or two was contributing to expenses and travelling really light. Or maybe someone has a better idea. Was thinking Mali for the music festivals.

Sorry. Jumped the thread. ;)

10. Posted by paultakata (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I'm currently on the 2009 London-Oz trip with Odyssey Overland, you have made a great choice booking with them. I cannot fault their organisation, and our crew Tim and Cheryl have been fantastic.

They pretty much take care of all the tedious stuff, leaving you to have a great time. There are so many astonishing places you will see that you will become jaded before the end. Yes really!

Very few highlights to look forward to:

Ballooning in Cappadocia, expensive but worth every penny.

Sunrise over Samarkand from the top of the minaret in Registan Square, you have to bribe the guards to do this, definitely not an official tourist stop.

Kyrgyzstan, this country is amazing, and you will hopefully get a local guide called Asel, she is certifiable but brilliant!

China! Tibet! The road out of Tibet!

Man, you are so lucky to be booked on this trip, especially as it is now full :)

Have a great time,