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1. Posted by alev_vural (Budding Member 22 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

hi guys!

well, firstly: im not really leaving until september and to be honest, i should be focussing on other things at the moment (read: exams) instead of planning my trip, but i cant.. because im so exciiited!!! yet very nervous..
im 22 and from denmark. uni will be history this summer which means that im packing my backpack and leaving denmark in order to explore the world for a travelling solo so far and my plan is to start in mexico in september.. from mexico i will have more or less 3 months to explore central america (im thinking hm mexico of course, guatemala, nicaragua, honduras , costa rica) and end up in costa rica from where i am planning to fly into caracas, venezuela mid december. venezuela is not that big of a problem as i will be visiting a friend who lives there and well..from mid december to ultimo january, i will be her responsibility far my questions are: is it possible to fly into mexico without a return ticket? visa?(i have a danish passport). i would be able to prove that i have a ticket from costa rica to venezuela, do you guys think that that is enough? (i have read lots of threads in here about entering central and southamerican countries without return tickets, but people tend to have very different point of views, so thats the reason im asking again) it expensive to fly from costa rica to venezuela (im thinking not, but a travel company i have spoken to have found an extremely expensive ticket where i will even be forced to fly to lima first and then to caracas, that sounds absurd to me!!!)..and as mentioned earlier.. im travelling alone, arhhh! my family thinks im crazy, my friends think the same..but to be honest, i think its gonna be awesome! im very outgoing! and i like having fun. and i am fun..! gonna be ok right? tell me im gonna be ok! please, tell me im gonna be ok. but ey, if anyone is interested in accompanying me or meeting during the trip, im in!

well..this was the first part of the trip..the easy part..then from ultimo january, primo february..hmm..i dont know what is going to happend! i am thinking that i probably would want to settle down somewhere and work.. my plan so far is going to brazil, e.g. rio, and live there for some months.. i have done a research and found a project in the favela (slum) in rio where i can volunteer for a tiny fee and it sounds really interesting...and its carneval time.. but the thing is, how the f.. do i get from venezuela to brazil? i know its neighbour countries, but s"#€%&& - its really expensive to fly! (i guess i was expecting similar prices as when i fly to neighbour countries as sweden or germany..), but no, obviously distances are greater..and prices the same.. can i go by bus? should i fly? is it cheaper to book the ticket then when im in venezuela already? arh! brazil is what im afraid of the most (which is one of the reasons i really want to go dismiss (or confirm ) some of the prejudices that other travellers (and not least films like city of god have given me!!)).. and again the same question.. will brazil let me in without me proving that i wount set my roots down in the favela for the rest of my life? will a ticket from cenezuela to denmark months later e.g. be enough (im thinking that i want to go back to caracas and fly home from there after the trip is over in order to see my friend a last time and relax a bit..).. well, i guess that was it.. as mentioned earlier, im not leaving until september, but im thinking that getting some answers from people who have been there and done this (read:travellerspointers!) will make me less least thats what i very excited about what you guys think of this plan so far... does it sound realistic enough? and what about spendings? i think i will have around 8000 euros on the trip with me..thats not a lot considering its one year, but im determined to do it cheap... sleep cheap, eat cheap, and not many tours or packages (you know what i mean!)..except i want a padi divers certificate, but that should be cheap in honduras i heard.. and dont forget, im also staing a month at my friends in venezuela, plus intending to volunteer in brazil (im prett sure that accommodation is ehat you get in return).. will i survive? thank you in advance guys! im looking forward to read replies. ..and if you have questions, comments, advice, crtique, just write please...


2. Posted by way2goeh (Full Member 159 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Only to costa rica? I would suggest to go to Panama. Panama is one of the best places in the world I have been to. No joke. Its cheap and everyone speaks english. But to fly to Caracas, its easier to take Copa airlines, and Panama is copa's hub. I loved venezuela (margarita island).

As for going to Brasil, you can bus it, but thats a minimum of two days. Varig, Copa, and Gol fly to RJ. MY best bet is fly from Panama to Caracas to Rio all on Copa. Take a different airline from San Jose, then it becomes expensive. I do know that Copa flies out of San Jose, but still, Panama is a no brainer..... Brasil is not cheap!!! good luck, have fun

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3. Posted by alev_vural (Budding Member 22 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

thank you way2goeh :) i will definitely consider panama.. any other suggestions? especially on from venezuela to brazil by bus + getting into mexico without a return ticket?