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going to oz for a month how much money will i need???

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific going to oz for a month how much money will i need???

1. Posted by leah09 (Budding Member, 5 posts) 14 Apr '09 12:15

hey guys i am going to oz for a month on the 1st of may i have saved 1,500-600 is that enough or will i be on a tight budget?:)

2. Posted by DanUK2009 (Budding Member, 35 posts) 14 Apr '09 12:32

Exciting, i'm off this friday!

Where abouts you going?

I'm taking £3000 to begin with and then getting another £1000 half way through my journey. I think that amount is ok but you would be on a tight budget, will you be getting a job straight away?

3. Posted by Pinny (Budding Member, 18 posts) 17 Apr '09 13:38

Are you talking GBP or AUD or another currency? If GBP that budget looks tight but workable if you are careful. If AUD, keep saving :) The main cost in Australia is travelling the very long distances from A to B. With limited time and money perhaps best not to try to see EVERYTHING but focus on seeing a few areas well....just a thought! Cheers, Pinny

4. Posted by miny234 (Budding Member, 10 posts) 17 Apr '09 14:54

Internal flights aren't to bad...

5. Posted by xnicolaaax (Budding Member, 5 posts) 20 Apr '09 15:20

if you are only going there for a month, then you will be fine...depending on what you wanna do whilst there

for 3 months im taking £3k plus i intend to go to new zealand as well so i think u will be fine :)