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Catfish Festival in Chiang Khong, Thailand

Travel Forums Asia Catfish Festival in Chiang Khong, Thailand

1. Posted by fizzyliz (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y


Has anyone been to the Catfish Festival in Chiang Khong. I am told it might be on this weekend - traditionally the weekend after Songkran - but the TAT couldn't really tell me anything about it and a google search offers little information.


2. Posted by KevinRB (Inactive 76 posts) 7y

Hi Liz

I found this link, which gives a useful explaination about the Giant catfish Contest.

Yes, it always takes place the weekend FOLLOWING Songkran Festival.



3. Posted by fizzyliz (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y

Thanks Kevin...I ventured up there this weekend and yes, April 18th every year there is a Catfish "ceremony" albeit a rather clandestine affair and kept very secret, under wraps amongst the tight-knit fishing community. Would say more about that, but i am in the process of writing an article on it...

However, what is great fun and little publicized is the weekend action of boat races the week of Songkran. Great fun, and a refreshing sight to see teams in their colours of blue, red, yellow, green, pink and purple to have fun partying away together - no politics attached! Anyone looking for an alternative to Bangkok and Chiang Mai next year should consider this event.

I can highly recommend to anyone going to Laos over the border crossing from here to stay a night or two in Chiang Khong - there is a great travel photography gallery at the Green Tree Guesthouse, the best mexican meal in Thailand by far at the Bamboo Bakery, and excellent Doi Chang coffee on the high-street coffee stall and a town full of endearing characters. The surrounding scenery is breathtaking.

As for the catfish...they can be spotted more frequently in May. The eco-systems are changing and livelihoods with it.


4. Posted by KevinRB (Inactive 76 posts) 7y

Hi Liz

Spookily, a few days after you asked me the question about the giant catfish contest, I received a very similar question through my website, so I researched & wrote any article about it last week.

I will however update it with your permission adding a couple of the comments you have made ?.

If at anytime there are other subjects that you need any help with in terms of Northern Thailand specifically, or even Thailand in general, I am always happy to assist.

Best Wishes


5. Posted by fizzyliz (Budding Member 4 posts) 7y

Hi Kevin,

That's absolutely fine... if you like writing articles, check out the magazine Traversing the Orient on
I am writing the catfish story up for them.

They can only pay 2,000 thb per article, but like off the beat stuff and is way better than other lifestyle magazines out there.
the editor is Ben Hopkins - contact is through the website.