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Italy in 7 Days help needed

Travel Forums Europe Italy in 7 Days help needed

1. Posted by Gendawg (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 19 Apr '09 02:15

Hi guys,

I am planning on going to italy for a week and would love to see maybe 3 cities. I am a 26 male and will be travelling alone so would love to be somewhere that has a good mix of a lot to see and do in day time but also a good night life. Any info you can pride wheres good, how to get there, what to see, where to stay or go out 2 will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


2. Posted by JoyC (Full Member, 99 posts) 19 Apr '09 13:29

3 cities in one week? I would narrow it to two: Rome and Florence. 3 days in Rome, 1 day for travel, 3 days in Florence.

3. Posted by t_maia (Moderator, 3291 posts) 19 Apr '09 14:46

This is just hearsay, but the nightlife in Florence is supposed to be ok, but not very hot. Too many older tourists and art freaks, I think. Bologna is supposed to be much better for nightlife. Rome definitely has its party spots.

4. Posted by techie1983 (Budding Member, 40 posts) 20 Apr '09 04:24

I have just been back from a 6-day trip of Italy and I went with my parents and fiance. We went to Rome, Pisa and Venice. I think that if you plan to stay in Florence then you can cover Pisa in a day trip and also enjoy the night life of Florence, if it is fine.

5. Posted by Redpaddy (Inactive, 1004 posts) 20 Apr '09 06:42

You're always gonna get different suggestions from people with varied opinions.
I would recommend Milan and Rome. Just 2 cities in your short space of time, not 3.